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78 modern Greek authors with 92 short stories in Albanian

«Literatus Publishing Housebased in Thessaloniki, recently published in Albanian the anthology “Greek narrative prose“(“Modern Greek Short Story”), 530 pages in large format, the result of many years of bibliographic research and translation work under the direction of Stavros Dayos, Ph.D. in history of the AUTH.

The collection aroused and continues to arouse great journalistic interest from Albania’s critical scholarship and academic attention.


The anthology features 78 modern Greek authors with 92 short stories38 translators participate: 34 short stories are published for the first time, 27 are improved translations of previous editions: 20 short stories were collected from various anthologies, 40 from magazine publishing from 1923 to the present: 16 belong to the pre-war period and 24 to the post-war period, from entries in the literary magazine “Nëntori” or the literary newspaper “Drita”, organs of the Albanian Writers’ Association (1945-1991).

Short story creations are valued in the consciousness of critical scholarship and above all in the spiritual consciousness of the modern Greek reader, but also of the Albanian recipient from time to time, through translations of a high literary level. The volume is framed by 388 bibliographic entries which only concern the anthologized authors or translators, the names of more than 250 translators of modern Greek literature into Albanian are mentioned (non-exhaustive list). The content of the volume required research into 122 titles of pre-war and 38 post-war periodicals, with all bibliographic publications of the National Library of Albania (1912–2004) being accessed.

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