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A book by Stathis V. Vlahakos

In the 18th century, church choirs, especially in southern Italy and less so in Spain, were looking for capable tenors because women were forbidden to take part in them. So some troublemakers within the Catholic Church sought solutions to the problem that was troubling them and, in collaboration with the local communities and the clergy, carried out the castration (castrazione) of pretty boys in exchange for a high fee for the parents of the children who came to them came from particularly poor families.

A natural tenor was a rare species, as it is impossible for a male with normal endocrine maturation to sing at such a pitch because hormones enlarge the larynx and the voice deepens during puberty. The Vatican was the negative protagonist of this horror, because what interested it more than the innocent souls of children was the European brilliance of its choirs.

In this way they managed to feed the church choirs without caring about the fate of the children, the vast majority of whom met terrible ends. A percentage of 70-80% is reported to be due to either uncontrollable bleeding or infection of the surgical incision. Some remained in history as brilliant figures, such as Farinelli in the world of Carlo Broschi, the rest remained in obscurity and social isolation.
The book is about the last remaining castrato who, in his old age, lives in seclusion in Tarragona, Spain and is treated with respect by the book’s protagonist.

The author Stathis Vlahakos

Product of fiction and historically adapted. The book is published in Greek by 24gramma Publications.

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