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A book for young and old with the handwriting of Zoi Andritsou

A special Children’s bookwhich combines children’s reverence for the magical holiday of Christmas with the concept of the consequences of every choice we make in life, hit bookstore shelves a few weeks ago.

That is the book “The price of Christmas» by Zoe Andritsou, illustrated by Spyros Zacharopoulos Michalis Sideris publications.


It is her first book Zois Andritsou, but not her first story. To date, dance educator and choreographer Zoi Andritsou has written numerous fairy tales and stories that form the basis for the dance performances she choreographs and stages.

In a dance-theatrical manner, the first presentations of the book took place in Patras (at the Orofos Theater in collaboration with the bookstore “Gonia tou biblio – Papachristou Bookstores”) and in Pyrgos Ilias (at the city’s conference center in collaboration with the bookstore “Gonia tou biblio – Papachristou Bookstores) instead of the bookstore “Lexis Bookshop”). Hundreds of Lilliputian readers, but also older “children”, experienced a special interactive book presentation that took them far away, into magical and dreamy worlds. In worlds where imagination confronts logic and laughs at it evilly! Sheet music, musical instruments, lightsabers, gloves, microphones, posters and magic dots flooded the room, while children’s laughter and enthusiastic participation made the interactive presentation of the book unique!




A few words about history

“The Price of Christmas” takes its readers on a journey to the magical Euthychopolis, where everyone lives happily ever after. But one unfortunate moment dramatically changes the lives of the residents of Euthychopolis and confronts them with the painful consequences of their decisions. Will the once-happy townsfolk pay dearly for their bad decisions, or will they be saved by a brave little girl who knows exactly what the really important things in life are?

The author

Zoi Andritsou was born in Athens in 1985 and grew up in Edipsos, Euboea. She has been involved in dance for more than 30 years, has been teaching dance and choreography for 16 years and has been running her own dance school since 2018. She began her dance studies in 2003 at the State School of Orchestral Art, parallel to her studies in Greek Philology at EKPA, and is also a graduate of the Higher Professional School of Dance “RALLOU MANOUS”.

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