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“A perfect post” – Presentation of Valia Kaimaki’s new book on social media

Valia Kaimaki’s book, “A perfect Post Aspects of modern Reality through Social Media,” was published by Pedio Publications.

The presentation of the book will take place on June 12 at 7:30 p.m. at Evripides Bookstore (310 Kifisias Street, Kifisia). It will be moderated by Christina Vidou, journalist, Clairi Dimopoulou, YouTuber – make-up artist and Athena Samaras, creator of the podcast “Until Death”. It will be moderated by Michalis Kalamaras, electronic publishing consultant and creator of eAnagnostis.gr / Thinking.

“Chronographer of digital culture”, Valia Kaimaki, assistant professor at the Institute of Digital Media and Communication of the Ionian University, has been writing articles on technology, Internet and social media since 2003, while she had already started broadcasting on the subject since 1998 in the first program by ERT. In her articles she captures the current moment in social media as it is shaped by politics, entrepreneurship, science and practice.

The reader of her texts can see the dark side of social media behind the filtered photos of happy faces. It addresses the misuse of our personal data, misinformation and propaganda, Big Tech’s battle for dominance, hate speech, the changing work model – all the social and political changes that social media enabled while users innocently gave likes. There is no definition or instruction manual for social media, even though it is an integral part of our daily lives. But it is in our hands that they have no consequences.

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