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A performance allegory about life and death

After the successful performances last spring, “Night of the Owl” by Giorgos Dialegmenos returns to the “BIOS” stage from October 3rd.

A theatrical allegory about life and death, cruel and sarcastic, about the inevitable moment when every person is confronted with the darkness of their past; about the purification that the darkness of his presence brings.

Ion works in the lost bones department of a mortuary. Hundreds of names and bones of people we have already forgotten, as if they never existed, pass before his eyes every day. Today is his moment. A business call will be the reason for him to go to the underworld. Pelagia, his former lover who killed herself because of him, is waiting for him there. Pelagia loves owls. As another Laura of the glass world, she collects everything that has to do with it. When the time comes for her former lover to descend into the underworld, the mythical night bird will see everything, even in the deepest darkness. Now Ion has to face his past. As long as death consciously and unconsciously dominates people’s minds, love affairs, weddings, feasts, gluttony, memories, music, familiar faces, the entire world of the living confronts them with the compromises they have made in order to survive. Was the life we ​​lived worth it? The Night of the Owl by Elephas tiliensis focuses on the pause in time, the moment when man is confronted with his choices and his guilt, the moment when he thinks about healing the trauma of the past and a living one to claim the present.

The performance by Dimitris Agartzidis & Despina Anastasoglou invites the viewer to reflect on themselves in the critical moment, in the critical now, in order to define the way in which they respond to the different, the “abnormal”, their own “Pelagia” , in this deviation from the everyday conventions that take away the flesh and blood of their lives day after day. A life in which we, like other Ionians, are often absent. Death is not the end here, just as the final period, according to the author, does not indicate the final conclusion of the work.

The Night of the Owl |  Giorgos Dialegmenos |  Elephas tiliensis

Director: Dimitris Agartzidis, Despina Anastasoglou

Visual installation, costumes: Lydia Andrioti
Music: Thomas Beltsios
Lighting: Nausika Christodoulakos
Photos & Trailer: Thomas Beltsios, Anastasia Giannaki
Assistant director: Maria Gioni
Contact and advertising: Evangelia Skrompola
Actors: Dimitris Agartzidis, Despina Anastasoglou, Maria Gioni,
Paraskevi Dourouklakis, Hectoras Lygizos, Vicky Katsika
Musician on stage: Thomas Beltsios

The performance contains nudity and is suitable for audiences aged 15 and over.

More information:
Performance days and times: Monday, October 3rd to Tuesday, November 8th
2022, every Monday & Tuesday at 9:00 p.m
Ticket prices: €18 regular, €14 for students, over 65, disabled, 65+
BIOS, Piraeus 84, ATHENS.

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