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A satire inspired by mythology

The performance loved by the audience returns to the theater renewed.OLVIO» from October 16, 2022. AvgiPaps writing skills at “Resurrection of Olympus” meets his directing skills on stage Dimitris Kanellou and creates a surreal satire, more current and provocative than ever! It has been performed at the OLVIO Theater for the past two years with great success, winning the love and warm applause of the audience.

THE Performance “Oh Gods” is an original satire inspired by mythology and modern Greek reality. Using elements from the Dodecatheus and Homer – and the measured speech – the author writes a frenzied comedy that “steps” with one foot on “once” and the other on “today” and thus builds a bridge between the history of a place, where self-interest always took precedence over everything and everyone…


With an outstanding cast of actors, the series “Oh Gods” is not only a comedic mirror of modern Greek reality, but also the timeless semiology of our history, presented with plenty of biting and bold humor!

The Cabinet of the Twelve Gods meets shortly before the start of the Trojan War to decide which side they will take. But the “discussion” gets derailed very early on and as everyone’s dirty laundry comes out, the conflicts are intense and the situations that transpire between the gods, ministers and rulers are, not to mention… ridiculous! Ultimately, personal interests determine the decisions, although everything should remain within the close family environment! The “Resurrection of Olympus” received the 3rd prize in 2018 at the 2nd Panhellenic Dramaturgy Competition of the Union of Greek Screenwriters and the M. Kakogiannis Foundation, held with the kind support of the National Bank of Greece and under the patronage of the M. Kakogiannis Foundation.

* The show is suitable for children aged 12 and over.


Text: AvgiPap

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