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A show beyond colors

THE Anna LemonakiThe Geneva-based company not only directs performances, but also memorializes the soul by using visual images and words to combat the stigma of mental disorders. With each of her theater performances, she challenges us to take our lives into our own hands and see what lies behind every reaction and every thought. Her guide for this performance as a symbolic manifesto are the colors, their symbolism and the elements of nature, which she transforms into primary materials. As the show’s tone typically underlines “Humans have always felt stress. However, we notice that the generative causes of stress change over the years. It’s different to worry about learning that the Earth isn’t flat but round and to be afraid of falling into space than to hear your heart beating faster and faster because you’re thinking that you will suffer a cardiac arrest.”

This is the directing team’s debut work (“Bleu en Haut Bleu en Bas” – Blue Up Blue Down) and the first work of a color pentagram that seems to complete the whole circle, as blue is a color typically associated with anxiety disorders. Therefore, the theme of the show is fear, panic attacks, our fears, but also the difficulty of talking about all these topics at a time when 40 million European adults aged 18 to 54 suffer from anxiety disorders. The play comes to Athens for the third time before traveling to other European capitals. It is a performance that harmoniously combines language and music. An actress and a musician join in and lead the viewer to the core of the personal truth that lies behind the fear. But it’s not just the color blue that defines the show, it’s also the water that nourishes everything and forever. As a source of life and rejuvenation for nature and man, a symbol of cleansing and purification, water in continuous flow preserves and purifies the environment within us and around us, mobilizes the body and beneficial for the soul in various ways. Also in Switzerland, Anna Lemonaki directed Fuchsia, White, GOLD (Glory or Little Dreams) based on Blue Bloody and is now preparing Black – What a Beaty-Full Catastrophe, which will be performed at the Comédie de Genève in 2025.

Note from Anna Lemonakis

As the director typically points out when talking about the show: “40 million European adults aged 18 to 54 suffer from anxiety disorders.” What happens when we suddenly become cautious about life and, instead of living it, bare it Become an audience? Our first instinct is to jump into the sea, but the water is cold. And we don’t want to run the risk of marine flu. We are cautious and deprived of the ocean. I feel the need to emphasize that anxiety disorders in any form should be a public issue and that is why I chose this project. The more and more openly we talk about the faces of fear (panic attacks, phobias, post-traumatic stress…), the easier we will understand that this black surface at the bottom of the sea is nothing more than seaweed and nothing else. BLUE is a manifesto of words and sounds against the stigma associated with mental illness. For me, every creation is an opportunity to take a risk. I take risks by choosing topics that scare me. These are topics that I find dizzying. In my work as a director, author and actress, I always pay attention to contrasts. Transition from certainty to uncertainty, from tenderness to cruelty, from a narrow passage to a wide space, from romance to vulgarity, from silence to scream, from intensity to silence, from theater to anti-theatre. It is precisely in these landscapes that I find material to explore.”

In Plyfa, Koritsas 39, Votanikos

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