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A story about two brothers who have never met

“The Descendants,” a story about two brothers who have never met. A thoughtful musical performance in dramatic composition and interpretation by Iros Bezos and Christos Thanos at PLYFA. The shows have begun!

The Descendants – teaser

Two brothers meet for a once-in-a-lifetime moment just to fulfill the prescribed debt determined by the deeds of their ancestors. An eternal story about the unbearable burden that is carried from generation to generation and ends unshakably on the backs of the last descendants.
There are no more ideal characters in world theater who could better express the consequences of this burden than Electra and Orestes.

The performance consists of texts by Yiannis Ritsos, both ancient tragedies and originals, placed in a musical universe.


The music will be performed live with the participation of Panagiotis Gikas and Teos Foinidis


Actor: Iro Bezou, Christos Thanos

Musicians on stage: Panagiotis Gikas, Teo Foinidis

Dramatic composition: Iro Bezou – Christos Thanos

Direction – Music: Christos Thanos

Sets – costumes: Maria Karathanou

Lightning Design: Costas Bethanis

Production organization: Leto Triantafyllidou

Teaser photos: Patroclus Scafidas


Co-production: “We”, PLYFA

Performance dates and times:
From November 1st until 3.3. every Thursday to Saturday at 9:00 p.m. and Sundays at 8:00 p.m

15 €, 10 € (65+, student, unemployed, disabled, people with many children)

Pre sales: Ticketservices.gr

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