“Adam’s Apple” by Pelas Soultatou is mounted by the ArtThalies group in Rhodes - Wishevoke

“Adam’s Apple” by Pelas Soultatou is mounted by the ArtThalies group in Rhodes

With Antigone Feleki And Emily Koniari while music production is part of it Savva Athanasiadis.

Performance dates: 17th – 19th March and 24th-26th March at Kadmos Art Café.

* Part of the proceeds will go to the Rhodes Municipality Hostel for Female Victims of Violence.

A few words about the project

The one-act play “Adam’s Apple” is based on Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s iconic play “Freiheit in Bremen”. The serial killer Geshe Gottfried is transported from the early 19th century German countryside to the 21st century Greek capital.

Eri, with the help of her mother Eva, prepares for a bachelor party because the next day she marries Mr. Miltenberger, a wealthy old Swiss businessman who has decided to spend the last years of his life under the Mediterranean sun. As the preparations continue, the knife-edge dialogue between mother and daughter, marked by tension and irony, reveals the two women’s motivations for a seemingly practical marriage. Eva, a mature, charming and famous dancer, Eri, a young woman who goes unnoticed, former drug addict, unemployed, is crushed under the weight of the personality of her mother but also of her three spineless friends Artemis, Aphrodite and Melpos. Eri resists the oppressive urges of human civilization in an environment of fierce competition. Eri is a victim of same-sex violence and punishes not the male dynasties like Geshe, but her female dynasties at the level of symbolic, layered heroines who embody patriarchy.

The author

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Pela Soultatou was born in Heraklion, Crete and lives in Athens. He works in public administration and teaches in higher education. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of London.


Books for adults:

• “The lights in the background” (Short story attempt, 2013),

• “anchor” (Novel – Kastaniotis Publications, 2015),

• “Reverse rotations” (Novel – Kastaniotis Publications, 2019),

• “The sea is not blue” (Short Stories – Kastaniotis Publications, 2021)

Books for children:

  • MyChaTi or The Secret of Lost Television(Pataki, 2019)
  • Goodnight means the night is good” (Kedros, 2023, in press)


  • The collection of short storiesThe lights in the backgrounddramatized in “Apo Michanis Theater” directed by Andre-Esther Gonzalez (2014-15)
  • The game “Horses” was performed at the 1st Theatrical Analogue Festival in “From

    Koinou Theatro” and in the anthology “Theatrical Analogies: The Audience’s Five Favorite Works” (Ostria Publications).
  • “The one act”Walpurgis dayswas chosen by the primary school

    Piraeus Theater for the festival “The dynamics of the Greek language in the theater”

    Director: Loukia Michalopoulou.
  • The monologueAmazons keep coming“was presented as part of

    “Giorton Rokkas”, edited by Stellina Ioannidou and included in the anthology “Antonoussa Kastanaki- Kera mia chenna” (Capricorn Publications)
  • The monologueThe dogs of the underworld” and the one act “Adam’s apple“are published by Kappa Publishing.

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