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After 140,000 spectators, “The Accidental Death of an Anarchist” goes on tour throughout Greece

After two “exhaustively” sold-out seasons and several theater awards, the “Show of the Year”, celebrated by 140,000 spectators and which has been talked about in Athens and Thessaloniki for two years, is going on a major summer tour – first stop: Attica

So the ultimate talk of the town, the most coveted theater ticket, travels! This time in selected cities across Greece.

Giving theatergoers everywhere the opportunity to enjoy a show of demonic energy, songs, live music and biting humor from a group of actors who act, dance, sing and experientially parody their own present through the play’s story.


Panos Vlachos, Phoivos Rimenas, Ifigenia Asteriadis, Konstantinos Maglaras, Panagiotis Katsolis and Stelios Petsos – always under the direction of Yiannis Kakleas – introduce us to the biting and denouncing universe of Dario Fo! THE Dario FoBased on real events that occurred during times of tension in Italy, this demonic playwright wrote a masterfully grotesque and denouncing satire about violence, idiocy, arbitrariness of power, fabricated lies and the deliberately “blind” justice, servant of a system of corruption .


The game

Through clever and topical comedy, the power is exposed and the “hard” evidence used to incriminate someone is presented. An open window on the sixth floor can be a solution when control is lost and death is simply left behind.randomly»!

THE Dario Fo Through his work he succeeds in uncovering the murder of the “anarchist railway worker” Giuseppe Pinelli committed by the Italian police. In a satirical and ironic way, it denounces the tragic event, criticizes the abuse of power, and although it was written years ago to criticize the unseemly power of the Italian judicial system and the corruption of the government, today, years later, the viewer will no longer do so It is difficult to find many – too many – similarities with modern-day Greece.

He says Dario Fo: «The piece has been performed with undiminished success since its creation. Maybe because in life there are always bloodshed, bombs, big words and big scandals… Always from the same systems that organize violence and that those who don’t put their heads down cannot digest».


The show

In our show, the author’s work, plot and subversive view form the basis for humorously commenting on our own reality following his point of view Dario Fo:

«I do not consider a work of mine to be complete, but rather open to constant variations. Even today, anyone who uploads my texts anywhere in the world must know that it is a fluid material that can be adapted and molded to the measure of its own reality, finding references that form the place of the theater becoming angry , think, laugh».

On the occasion of his work Dario Fo The show follows the footsteps of an archetype fool. A timeless demonic, fun and dangerous character for every power and stereotype. We begin with his birth, his travels through space and time, and end with Here and now.

«I’m here, I’m a moment

Reason for crack with price,

Without a price, I can be anywhere – for free.

I have strange appetites

for words

with sharp words

I cut off the wings

to liars and cheaters.

I cripple other words

This cuts the palms

from those who steal the matches

put the lies in your eyes

those who laugh to deceive.

No, I’m not bloodthirsty

I want to shed light on the lie

for those who live in darkness

to those who killed with caresses

I took a deep breath but didn’t hold it

Look how I run

I never stopped

I found the perfect opportunity

to tell this story»



Directing/act editing: Yannis Kakleas

Landscape: Ilena Douladiri/Yiannis Kakleas

Suits: Helen Douladiri

Musical composition: Vaios Prapas

song lyrics: Panos Vlachos

Choreographies: Angeliki Trombouki

lighting: Stella Kaltsou

Deputy Directors: Leto Triantafyllidou, Rhea Samaropoulou

Assistant to the costume designer: Ioanna Kalavrou

Light assistant: Stevi Koutsothanasis

Press Office – Communications: Maria Tsolaki

Advertising – Social Media: Renegade Media / Vassilis Zarkadoulas

production: TECHNICIAN

They play: Panos Vlachos, Phoebus Rimenas, Ifigenia Asteriadis, Konstantinos Maglaras, Stelios Petsos, Panagiotis Katsolis. Musicians on stage: Vaios Prapas

First tour stops

Thursday 6th and Friday 7th July, 9:30 p.m
Sykeon Open Theater “Manos Katrakis”, Thessaloniki

Tuesday, July 11th, 9:00 p.m
Municipal Garden Theater of Papagou

Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th July, 9:30 p.m
Ilioupoli Municipal Theater “Dimitris Kintis”

Friday, July 21st, 9:30 p.m
Katrakeio Theater, Nice

General admission: €20

Pre-sale at

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