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“Ah, this fear of yours” is the new book by Andreas Konanou

His new book Andreas Konanou is freed from Psychogios Publications and has a title “Ah, that fear of yours.”

The summary says: Let’s expose the fraud and lie of fear together! Come, let us live with peaceful courage and strength and end the happiness counter. And when the hundred of us leave, only “a few bones” remain. Everything else will be taken care of. Ecstasy and light, love and dance, as we will experience before dawn in this festival called life.

Andreas Konanos was born in Munich, Germany. As he writes: In my childhood, I shared good and bad things together, like most people in this world. I graduated from classical high school, studied theology and nutritionist and also became a clergyman in 1999. I learned the most from reading and especially from talking to real people. The twenty years that I taught at the Lyceum were a great enrichment for me. In the company of children I learned what authenticity and truth mean. So far seven of my books have been published. I make a lot of mistakes but I’m happy to try and keep going. All day long I write texts, read books, answer messages and listen to problems. I think enough and pursue live relationships. The rest of the year I travel around the world as a speaker. When I look into the audience’s eyes, I remember their joys and sorrows, and while I always keep an overview, I end up speaking from the outside. Sometimes words from the heart are best.

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