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“Alisas Pausilipo Chora” at the Fournos Theater

After “Jalites or else beach bums” (Fournos Theater, 2019) and “Stelio Xypna” (K4 Space, 2023), the artistic group “Albatros” denounces the war and genocide in Palestine and proposes “Pausilipo Country of Alisa” to the public . , directed by Yiannis Kokas.

An anti-war adaptation of Lewis Carrol’s well-known fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland,” set in the underground arcades of the Gaza Strip amid shelling. In order to save herself and find her father, young Alice ends up where a magical but also violent world reveals itself, in “a land without land or sky”…

Alice 1



Young Alisa is looking for her father, who was lost in a bomb attack in the Gaza Strip. To save himself, he hides in underground galleries where strange creatures inhabit a magical but violent world. To find her father, Alice must face all the absurdity and horror of war. . . Will make it;



  • Text/director: Yiannis Kokas
  • Assistant director: Katerina Bisara
  • Music: Christos Papadopoulos
  • Choreography: Liliana Krystallidou
  • Songs: Ioli Sifoniu
  • Lighting: Apostolos Tsatsakos
  • Sets costumes Black Cossacks
  • Photos: Vassilis Giannopoulos
  • Angelos Ballas graphic design
  • Poster design: Lydia Kalamantis
  • Contact: Iota Dimitriadis

You play:

  • Marilena Bartalucci
  • Marialena Gariou
  • John Cocas
  • Dimitra Papourtzis
  • Marinos Orphanos



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