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Alkis Zoukas feat. Mosaic – “3 nights in Helmos”

Can the experience of a three-day music festival become a song?

The “3 nights in Helmos“ of the new songwriter Alki Zouka in his verses Kostas Notiou is nothing other than the musical recording of their experiences from the first Helmos Mountain Festival 2023.

Capturing the excitement of the music, the magic of the mountain, the community and collective expression creates a unique experience that will be remembered forever.

The “3 Nights at Helmos” is brought back to life through the song involved Mosaicthe favorite TV band that accompanies Nikos Portokaloglou in the Music Box.

The song is the first single from the new record with lyrics by Kostas Notiou and music by Alki Zoukas entitled “Porto Fili” and follows the first album entitled “Bitter taste” released in 2022 and in which Agapi Diangelakis, Lefteris Eleftheriou and Myrto Bokolini.

The mosaics played
Clarinet – Yiannis Discos
Violin – Dimitris Kazanis
Guitars – Lampis Kountourogiannis
Drums – Thanasis Tsakirakis
Bass – Byron Tsourapis
Keyboards – Stelios Frangous
Tasos discos played bagpipes
and Manolis Christodoulou played Canon.

Nikos Kollias took care of recording, mixing and mastering.

The footage and editing of the video were handled by Kleomenis Koufaliotis.

Helmos and we hug each other tightly, crazy
Sweet night laughter song and kiss
Heavy clouds passed by and waited
Moon and Santouri took the stage

There they are! Thousands of children and what children!
With the lights on the slopes in the dark
Her dreams paint through the scenes
And they color the boat of their lives

The mountain, the mountain

Hey, the mountain took us by the hand
And the star raised us to love
The little fox came and danced with us
For the first time he tried some of our raki

I was there too, I will remember it for many years to come
They planted orchards on the mountaintop
To this endless feast at the top
I will come back next year, magical company

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