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All about Accept

The contribution of Accept Metal music’s defining role in the early ’80s is undeniable and widely accepted. What even their most fanatical fan hardly expected was their massive return literally out of nowhere in 2010, after 14 years without a studio album and with the concert reunion in 2005 in between.


The split between Wolf Hoffmann and Peter Baltes finds the ideal replacement for the lonely wolf Udo Dirkschneider in the person of Mark Tornillo, who is unknown to the general public, and with Andy Sneap as the catalyst in the production, it becomes an instant classic “Blood of the Nations” arrives in August 2010 to shake up the traditional metal sound.

Since then, Accept has released three more excellent to astonishing records and has found their rightful place among the industry’s top acts on extensive tours around the globe. They return to our country on the occasion of their concert Thursday, July 19th, as part of the Rockwave FestivalWe have been collecting yours and ours over the past few years and are bringing them to you immediately.

► Accept’s musical legacy


Discography Guide by Kostas Polyzos (1979-2012)

Two of the 100+1 metal albums of the 80s

► The Wonderful New Age (2010-2017)


“The Rise of Chaos” (2017)
Only respect for this band, who managed the four-in-four factor with characteristic ease

“Blind Rage” (2014)
Hoffmann is great and Accept’s works are wonderful…

“Stalingrad” (2012)
It picks up right where its predecessor left off and proves that Accept will stay on top again

“Blood of the Nations” (2010)
Without Udo and without anyone expecting it, Accept once again sow the Germanic terror

Wolf Hoffman – “Headbanger’s Symphony” (2016)
Avanti Maestro!


“The Rise Of Chaos” on the 30 best albums of 2017

“Blind Rage” on the 30 best albums of 2014

“Stalingrad” on the 30 best albums of 2012

“Blood Of The Nations” on the 30 best albums of 2010

Accepts songs in his 100+1 best 2012, 2014 And 2017

► The last five concerts in Greece


Sabaton, Accept, Twilight Force @ Piraeus 117 Academy, 08.03.1
Sabaton – Accept marked with X

Accept, Fortress Under Siege, Zero ‘O’ Zero @ Gagarin 205, 05/23/15
The best heavy metal band of recent years once again sowed the seeds of Germanic terror

Accept, Marauder @ Fuzz Club, 10/18/12
The group around Hoffmann, Baltes and Tornillo confirm that they are in top form

Accept, Innerwish @ Gagarin 205, 02/13/11
A triumphant sellout and an astonishing performance confirm that Accept are back to stay

Rockwave Festival 2005: Slayer, Accept, Candlemass, Dismember, Order Of The Ebon Hand
After 11 years, the Germans are returning to our country and proving what heavy metal is

► Wolf Hoffmann’s interviews on and Mark Tornillo’s favorite records


Interview with Kostas Polyzos, July 2017

“We went on tour with Sabaton because sometimes you have to break the rules”

Interview with Thodoris Xouridas, August 2014

“With the last three albums we have already surpassed the past”

Interview with Kostas Polyzos, May 2012

“For me, Udo is as if he doesn’t exist”

Interview with Vangelis Evagelatos, January 2011

“Accept is like a caged animal finally released!”

Mark Tornillo’s 10 favorite records
AC/DC and the rest

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