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All About Uriah Heep (2022)

Three years after their last performance in Greece Uriah Heep Return for two live at Thessaloniki on December 14th And Athens on December 15th are celebrating their 50th anniversary!

Over the last 20 years, here at we have told you what happened at most of their concerts in Athens and Thessaloniki, we have criticized their recording efforts, we have conducted interesting interviews with them and finally we have dared to share their great ones to rate albums.

That’s why we put everything together in one article so that you can learn about something you may not have known about, re-read what happened at their concerts, remember the old days and maybe learn about their music in the You can find out about their concerts days beforehand.

Finally we recorded all of her performances in Greece over the last 20 years so that you can to vote in the relevant referendum Your favorite concert at the bottom of the page!

Good reading!

Discography Guide

Uriah Heep

Bonus: 10 very special songs.

Our selection from a huge catalog from 1968 to today

► The last CD

Uriah Heep – Living the dream

Listen to the two-hour selection of songs from across her career here: Spotify list

► The interviews

Uriah Heep

Mick Box (2011): The soul of the band spoke to us about the role of the Internet today, their recent bootleg releases, the journey that drummer Russell Gilbrook has given them and other interesting things like why they don’t play “Sympathy” in their concerts .

Mick Box (2005): The leader of Uriah Heep spoke to us about the band’s future plans, the benefit concerts, the unofficial DVD music tributes that have flooded the market and finally about his musical influences (surprises included!).

► The concerts in Greece over the last 20 years

Uriah Heep

09/02/2019: Main Club Theater (Thessaloniki): With the new then “Live the dreamThey thrilled the audience with their performance, very good sound and classic songs at the end.

Aug 2, 2019: Fuzz club (Athens): They proved with another sold-out and strong performance that they still fill halls.

July 29, 2017: Over The Wall – Crete Rock Festival (Heraklion)

March 13, 2011: Block33 (Thessaloniki): With their energy and the collected hymns at the end of their program, they once again conquered the audience of Thessaloniki.

12/03/2011: Gagarin 205 (Athens): Very good performance in the now familiar 90-minute recipe with a few new songs at the beginning and the classic compositions at the end. *The concert was officially released as “Officially Bootleg, Vol. 5: live In Athens, Greece” in 2012.

June 2, 2010: Gagarin 205 (Athens): Its 40th anniversary was celebrated with a fairly rich 90-minute program, which also included some surprises.

02/05/2010: Block33 (Thessaloniki)

April 12, 2008: Club 22 (Athens): A rare, short-lived acoustic show that particularly touched the audience.

January 26, 2008: Fuzz club (Athens): With a new drummer – frontrunner (Russell Gilbrook) and a new record in the works (“Wake The Sleeper”), they’ve easily won us over – again.

01/25/2008: Main Club Theater (Thessaloniki)

July 11, 2006: Mylos (Thessaloniki)

01/22/2005: Gagarin 205 (Athens): The cast of Trevor Bolder, Mick Box, Lee Kerslake, Phil Lanzon and Bernie Shaw delivered rock concert lessons and thrilled with their performance.

January 21, 2005: Mylos (Thessaloniki)

02/11/2003: Gagarin 205 (Athens)

November 1, 2003: Mylos (Thessaloniki)

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