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All information about the Rock Under The Clock Festival 2022

To Rock Under The Clock Festival is opening its doors again and looks forward to welcoming you 5 & 6 August at the East Tafrou Theater for two days of music!

The Rock Under The Clock Festival only started in 2016, but it soon established itself as one of the most famous events of the Chanio summer and the most popular rock meeting in Crete. The festival offers new local bands the opportunity to play on the same stage with nationally and internationally renowned artists, while through the established music workshop in the “Vlisidis” theater all musicians come into contact with each other and exchange opinions, ideas and little musical secrets. On the other hand, during the festival days, visitors have the opportunity to listen to the unique musical creations of the genres and admire the passion, passion and quality of the modern rock scene.


5th of August:
Deaf radio
Planet None
Meridian blank
Loud whispers

6th of August:
Planet of Zeus / Lyrics
The Dragons
Inhospitable body
Endless sleepless nights

Rock Under the Clock Festival

Ticket prices:
First day: Advance booking €7 // Admission €9
Second day: Advance booking €13 // Admission €15
Two days: €18 in advance only

Points of sale:
BarFly – Potie 14, Chania
Deux Lux Chania – Sarpidonos 8, Chania
Aeriko – aeriko – 18 Sourmelis, Chania
Do it Chania – Koraka 19, Chania
Micro Cafe – Miaouli Beach, Chania

Electronic advance sales

Location: Eastern Trench Theater
Arrival time: 6:30 p.m

Organization: “Rock Under The Clock” association.
Co-organizer: Keppedih KAM, Crete Region, Chania Municipality

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