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Ally Hilfiger opens first solo exhibition in LA

Ally Hilfiger hosted a private viewing for friends and family for her first solo exhibition at The Georgian in Santa Monica, California, on Thursday evening.

Tommy Hilfiger and wife Dee Ocleppo Hilfiger, Georgia May Jagger and Douglas Friedman were among the guests who stopped by to celebrate “Imperfect Harmony,” which is featured on the modernized art deco hotels Gallery 33 to April 29.

“’Imperfect Harmony’ for me is about embracing and accepting everything we are as people… different emotions we go through as a mother and wife, the layers of guilt we experience and how we move on from to free ourselves from the guilt we hold on to through our lives,” said Ally Hilfiger, who starred on the reality show “Rich Girls” as a teenager and wrote the 2016 book “Bite Me: How Lyme Disease Stole My Childhood, Made Me Crazy and Almost Killed Me” wrote. ”

“It’s my medicine,” she said of the painting, pointing to the bursting flowers and collapsed shapes on the canvases around her as expressions of her feelings. “When it comes out, I can process it and start to let it go.”

She started painting right after 9/11, she said. “My uncle died of cancer, my parents got divorced… So I got a few canvases and just went,” she said. “It feels so good.”

During COVID-19, she launched her “Lifeline” series, one painting of which was on display. “I felt overwhelmed and unsettled and the only thing I could do was paint the lines. The waves of pain on the paper represented the waves of our emotions throughout the day.”

“We are very proud,” said Dad Tommy Hilfiger. “We have some of the originals. We were there at the beginning,” he added of their artistic journey. “It helped her open her mind and deal with stress.”

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