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An Iliad about Byzantium

The new (24th) novel by N. Kyriazis takes us to a crucial period in Byzantine history, when the empire faces the flood of Arab converts to Islam.

They arrive and besiege Constantinople, which can only be saved by a miracle. The miracle will happen with the discovery of liquid fire by Kallinikos, whose story is vividly told in the historical novel.

Eastern Mediterranean, 7th century AD Invincible and threatening, Arab Islam moves ever closer to Constantinople. The citizens of the Byzantine Empire are put to the test again. The cordon of Arab menace is tightening around them and the future of rule will be threatening.

Only a miracle can save the city…

His name: Liquid Fire. Its inventor Kallinikos will go down in history under the nickname Pyrpolitis. His life, from Syria to Constantinople, the Balkans and Italy, is inextricably linked to the history of Byzantium. Kallinikos, the “dragon” of the Empire’s borders, fights as Akrita, becomes royal architect and engineer and fights to save himself, as his invention will give the Byzantine fleet an invaluable tactical advantage and overturn the balance of power, changing history. .

“Wet Fire is an exciting novel by NK. You will be impressed by his writing style and his broad knowledge. The reader will literally experience the magic and great mysteries of Byzantium.”

– Chronis Moustakas, journalist, writer

Kyriazis K. Nikos
Nikos K. Kyriazis received his diploma and doctorate in economics from the University of Bonn. He was a visiting professor at Harvard and Trier Universities and a professor at the University of Thessaly. He was an expert on monetary policy issues in the Directorate General of Studies of the European Parliament, an advisor to the National Bank and the Ministry of Finance and Secretary General of the National Center for Public Administration. He is Professor Emeritus of the University of Thessaly, Vice President of the Legislative Process Quality Assessment Committee and President of the Kostas & Artemis Kyriazi Foundation. He has published and edited 15 academic books (Cambridge, Routledge, Springer (4), Nagoya, UP), 60 articles in peer-reviewed academic journals, 30 in edited volumes, and 23 novels (5 in English as Nicholas Snow). . In 2005, he was awarded the French Republic’s highest award, Knight of the Legion of Honor, for his contribution to European integration and preparation for EMU.

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