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“An Insignificant Woman,” signed by Sonia Parnell

Your acclaimed book Sonia Parnell with title “An insignificant woman” published a few days ago by Minoas Publications in their translation Theodoras Darviris.

A few words about the book
In 1942 the Gestapo issued an urgent notice: “She is the Allies’ most dangerous spy. We must find them and destroy them.

Their target was Virginia Hall, a young woman from Baltimore who managed to join the espionage organization Winston Churchill’s Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare. Hall was the first Allied spy who helped ignite the flame of the French Resistance and revolutionize the way covert warfare was waged. Even when her face appeared on wanted posters, even when she was declared, Hall refused to obey her superiors’ persistent orders to flee. She was dedicated to the fight and always believed that she had to save many lives and even liberate entire parts of France from the Nazis.

Who is Sonia Parnell?
Sonia Purnell is an acclaimed British journalist and author known for her narrative writing style and meticulous research.

Her first book, a biography of Boris Johnson entitled Just Boris: A Tale of Blond Ambition, was longlisted for the Orwell Prize in 2011.

Her second book, First Lady in the United Kingdom and Clementine, The Life of Mrs. “Winston Churchill” in the USA revealed for the first time the crucial role that his wife Clementine played in Winston Churchill’s career, was reported by The Telegraph newspapers “ and “The Independent” were chosen as book of the year, nominated for the Plutarch Prize and is being produced into a film.
For her book “An Insignificant Woman,” she drew on new and extensive research into the secret life of spy Virginia Hall. The author has also worked for The Economist, The Telegraph and The Sunday Times. She lives in London with her husband and two sons.

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