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Andreas Kisser remembers his audition for Metallica

In a current one interview with Ted Aguilar from Death Angel, their mastermind Funeral, Andrew Kisserthe famous one remembered his audition in 1992 as a guitarist for her Metallica.

At a Metallica show on August 8, 1992, Mr James Hetfield as known he suffered second and third degree burns when he was found near pyrotechnic equipment on stage. He was unable to play guitar for the rest of the tour and the role was taken over by guitarist metal churchand technicians for Metallica, John Marshall.

Andreas Kisser, who was about to take over the position, reported on his special experience:

“What a privilege! THE Phil Rind of Sacred Reich he was very good friends with Jason Newsted. And I was also good friends with Rind, we toured together for Arise and we love Metallica. I remember we were among the few who defended the Black Album when it was released. The thrash metal fans were talking about a sellout, but we defended it. I like playing covers, that’s why I learned guitar. Phil knew how well I could play a lot of Metallica material.

Of course, playing their tracks with Metallica themselves is a different kind of experience. That was the pressure. You play “Seek And Destroy” with your friends and it’s great. You go into a room and there’s Lars and he says we’re not playing “Seek And Destroy” but let’s say “The Shortest Straw”. And that’s what we did. That, “One,” “Nothing Else Matters,” “Enter Sandman,” man, I cringe just remembering it.

Jason invited me and everyone made me feel great. He had called me to tell me that they were preparing for a concert in Denver and were putting everyone to the test. And I admired that. Metallica are huge in every way, even in their mentality. They tested everyone, even me, a guitarist from Brazil.

I took my Charvel guitar, got on the plane and flew to Colorado. A limousine with my name on it was waiting for me and took me to the arena. The first person I met was Kirk Hammett. He asked me if I was okay since I came from Brazil. I was very calm. piI played Enter Sandman and it was perfect, even the technicians loved it. They were listening from outside and thought the band was rehearsing!

I also stayed for the next, final day. It was just me and John Marshall. For me it was a huge personal victory, even though I didn’t end up getting the job. The “Black Album” songs were very fresh to me at the time. “Unforgiven” had a lot of details I didn’t know, and John was already ready. He is an American, friend and collaborator of the band.

But they had a meeting the next day to decide, that’s how close I came. I was about to go on tour with Metallica because I had Guns N’ Roses and Faith No More with me. But it was one of the best experiences of my life. And today we’re still friends, it’s fantastic!”

We remind you that Sepultura released the excellent at the beginning of the year “Quadra”.

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