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Anniversary performance, 50 years after his first appearance

Are the big-born big? Were they never young? They all suffered from amnesia, they killed the imagination and what remained were the do’s and don’ts! Mormolis sees why things are going the way they should! The Guild of Laughter returns for the fifth time with the anniversary performance of the legendary Mormoli.

50 years have passed since their troupe’s first appearance Xenia Kalogeropoulouexactly 10 days after the Polytechnic events on November 30, 1973, Guild of Laughter continues to stage with great success the groundbreaking work of the German playwright Rainer Hachfeld, which had a decisive influence on generations of postcolonial children and laid the starting point for new educational approaches worldwide.


Mormolis was part of the repertoire of the Berlin Grips Theater of Volker Ludwig, Hachfeld’s brother, and represents the founding moment of the anti-authoritarian and emancipatory children’s theater. Without Mormoli there would be no Nourian, Xela and Kornas, Freta and Gialakias, Vasos and Vivi. 50 years after his first boisterous appearance, the Laughter Guild continues in its fifth year – since its first presentation in 2018 – to introduce us to children’s imaginary friend!


A few words about the project

Mormolis doesn’t need many introductions, he’s the fantastic children’s friend who shouts out what the little ones don’t dare say to the adults. Adults cannot understand what this mysterious and subversive “wooden box” is.

You cannot arrest, punish, destroy Mormoli, he is invulnerable… because he is the imagination of children and can become anything that children want: a shoe, a hat, a glass or a cooking bag. If you cut a mormoli in two, you have two mormoli, and if you cut it in three, you have three!

For people aged 5 and over



Translation/Editing: Panagiotis Skoufis
Director: Giorgos Paloumbis, Vassilis Koukalani and the legendary songs of Yiannis Spanos
Arrangement – ​​Orchestration: Kostas Nikolopoulos
The song “Ricky’s Rap” was written by Themos Skandamis
Sales: Vasiliki Dialyna, Christina Marianou, Antonis Tsiotsiopoulos, Antonis Christou, Fotis Lazarou, Dimos Mamaloudis
Set design – costumes: Aristotelis Karananos, Alexandra Siafkou
Lighting: Giorgos Agiannitis
Application: Margarita Trikka
Assistant director: Panagiota Papadimitriou
Photos: Nadia Panagopoulou – Nikos Pantazaras
Video: Celia Petovic
Sound design: Christos Parapagidis



Premiere: Sunday, December 24th, 2:30 p.m
Ticket prices
General admission: €12
Disabled and accompanying persons, unemployed, students, over 65: €10
Groups of 25 people or more: €8

Duration of service
90′ with a break

Ticket sales:


• Guild of Laughter
• Theater Fund

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Youtube: Syntechnia tou Geliou

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