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Argyro Barbarigou supports SOS Children’s Villages with her new book

A nice initiative by the renowned chef for the SOS Children’s Villages Argyro Barbarigou who has been supporting their work practically for fifteen years.

Part of the proceeds from her new book “From Mouth to Mouth – Treasures of Greek Cuisine”, which she wrote together with the nutritionist Dr. Anastasios Papalazarou will be used to strengthen their work SOS Children’s Villages.

Published by Stamouli Publications, the book is a special collection of authentic traditional recipes from all over Greece.


Ms. Barbarigou is constantly at the side of the children of the SOS Children’s Villages. Many times children from the children’s villages have been invited to her television shows as they learned the way of taste, proper nutrition and creation, while the cooking events that she organized with great love for the children of Vari Village have remained unforgettable . In the book “From Mouth to Mouth – Treasures of Greek Cuisine”, Argyro Barbarigou, together with her team, revised the recipes and changed everything that was necessary for the best result, and nutritionist Anastasios Papalazarou carried out the necessary nutritional analysis and labeling. The book is introduced by the editor-in-chief of the magazine “Gastronomos”, Angelos Redoulas.


It is an original collection of authentic traditional recipes from all over Greece, compiled by the book’s authors. These recipes were passed down from generation to generation and have been preserved to this day. They offer uninterrupted deliciousness and high nutritional value to those who try them. Every recipe hides a story that makes it unique. In a unique way, the book’s recipes, taught with the help of people from all over Greece, are linked to the memories that their smells and tastes evoke, giving the reader a special, tasteful nostalgic trip.

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