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Art exhibition “50 Years of Cell” in the “Melina” cultural center.

CELL presents:
March 20-23, 2024

With the rich scent of the glorious past and an optimistic look at a better quality future, we invite you to join the guided tour of a mythical route of 50 years of known and unknown history of the most timeless cultural institution in Greece. The cell.

Together with our long-time partner, set designer and visual artist Fotis Stamatopoulos, we have been preparing a great ROCK art exhibition in the “MELINA” cultural center of the city of Athens for a long time and with great passion! From March 20th to 23rd we welcome our old and new friends to an original poster retrospective, a visual portrait exhibition with videos, objects, music and speeches, as well as a verse from Freddie Mercury that gives the eternal motto. “THE SHOW MUST GO ON”

CELL: 1970 – 2024 …

In America there was the Fillmore Auditorium, in England there was the Marquee Club and the UFO, and in Greece there was the Rodeo and… Kyttaros. Where the youth of the time, in the middle of a sterile and censored time, first came into contact with the progressive rock sounds of the Velvet Underground, Frank Zappa and Jimi Hendrix.

Where Dionysis Savvopoulos, a visionary of a Balkan rock scene, married his bourboulias wearing the beret of Evgenios Spapatharis.

Socrates Drank The Conium, Pavlos Sidiropoulos, Dimitris Poulikakos, Vangelis Germanos, Mariza Koch, Thanasis Gaiphyllias and Despina Glezou are just some of the artists who first played in Kyttaros and identified with this special music scene in the following years.

The three years 1971 – 1973 were the ones that gave Kyttaros of Epirou & Acharnon Street the eternal stamp and touch of myth. Back then, the intensity and electricity of his evenings were captured and recorded on the now legendary album “Zontanoi Sto Kyttaro (Pop in Athens)”, the first rock live in the Greek discography, which for our country is on a par with the triple “Woodstock”. that sweep across the globe!

The post-colonization also left its mark in Kyttaros. Yiannis Markopoulos’ performances with Nikos Xylouris and Pavlos Sidiropoulos were legendary, as were those of Domna Samiou with a number of emerging masters of our traditional music. And even evenings with Danae and Pablo Neruda and the remaining original Rebetes in their first famous reappearances.

In the 1980s, unique blues nights as well as concerts by the first Greek punk rock bands were organized in connection with the festival of the nearby Exarchion Square in Kyttaros.

The satirical-subversive performances of Tzimis Panousis with his Musical Brigades, the result of which was the album “Hardcore”, another important work of the local discography, are also unforgettable.

In the 90s, with the absolute dominance of the television image and the fatal restrictions on all kinds of unconventional cultural events, Kyttaros fell into a time of artistic decline and difficult decisions. The shift to popular programming was never in keeping with the legacy of a venue that had learned to pioneer, and comparisons were inevitable.

But… the award and acceptance of Antonis Boskoitis’ documentary “Live in the Cell – Rock Scenes”, which starred all the pioneers of the 70s, along with the revival of the “little brother” and the neighboring RODEO club, was the spark for redefining Kyttaros as the ultimate Greek rock venue.

A spark that had never been extinguished and was just waiting to become a flame again! And it happened!

In October 2007, in the midst of a “popular pilgrimage” and a thrill (with the care in decoration and construction of Olga Sismanidou and Fotis Stamatopoulos), Kyttaro Live reopens its doors to the role that its history imposes on it: that of The Protagonist.

All the great personalities of our modern music scene honored (and were honored for their presence and their work) the stage of Kyttaros.

Eleni Vitali, Thanos Mikroutsikos, Manolis Rasoulis, Foivos Delivorias, Nikos Portokaloglou, Sotiria Leonardodou, Martha Frindzila, the Hainids, Kostas Hatzis, Theodosia Tsatsou, the undercurrents, the babies in the fire, the Diaphanas Krina, Locomondo, Lakis Papadopoulos, Giannis Yokarinis, Giannis Angelakas, Dimitris Poulikakos, Georges Pilali, Nikos Ziogalas, Blues Wire, Nightstalker, Last Drive, Rock N Roll Children, Magic De Spell, Panx Romana and The Bullets are just some of the contributors to the artistic ferment that has taken place over time has spent the years in the so-called “Temple of the Greek Rock”.

In 2011, at the beginning of the fifth decade of the historic club’s existence, the economic crisis began to leave its mark, but this did not stop Kyttaros from organizing or hosting events by Greek organizers… This is how we see emerging global artists on the historic stage like JOE BONAMASSA, WALKABOUTS, PETER HAMMIL, GODFATHERS, PAVLOV’S DOG, IRON BUTTERFLY, WAX TAYLOR, BUZZCOCKS, BAD COMPANY, WISHBONE ASH and so many other great musicians who promoted the Cell at the End of the World in the best way possible!

During this time, the hip-hop scene found a home and continues to write explosive nights, most notably Beta Peis. The 80s themed parties remain unforgettable to this day, as do a series of sold-out live tributes to rock legends such as the evenings for Pavlos Sidiropoulos at the annual meeting in December, the Rock In Dio Solidarity Festival every May, celebrated this year 13 years of “life” etc.

On the way to the conclusion of half a century of life, we witnessed great comebacks such as the historic collaboration of Dionysis Savvopoulos with Eleni Vitali in 2016 and the unexpected reunion of the Musical Brigades in 2015, which was also the starting point for subsequent performances by the giant Jimis Panousis in 2017 until his last live performance on the first of December of the same year in the place where he was glorified. We also enjoyed new great acquaintances, the most typical being that of our beloved Alkinou Ioannidis, who lasted three years (!) – a relationship that continued outside of Kyttaros in external productions! Because whoever crosses the threshold of the “temple” comes to stay…

So we arrived in 2020, with the cell in top shape, on tracks that now know where to go and not stand still, just before the 50th anniversary celebrations in hectic preparation to start its operations together with the Suddenly stop rest The planet, like the entire art world, is “hostage” due to the pandemic in an unprecedented impasse that lasted almost three barren years and tested everyone’s endurance.

The most enduring “cell” of the Greek music scene has endured… it has endured… and from autumn 2022 it is “striving towards glory again”… that’s what it knows, that’s what it does… Together with all of you, up and down on the stage , he continues to make history…

Now, at the start of 2024, we are in the middle of the most productive season in Kyttaros’ modern history, with a record number of concerts and sold-out concerts, and with planning for the next season almost complete by the end of January 2025… something that has never been done anywhere before! And yes, it’s time to celebrate!

The event is dedicated to the memory of Andreas Giakoumelos.




Free admission

66 Heraklideon – Athens – Box 11851

From 20.3. until March 23, 2024 and from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m

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