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“Athinas Panagouli, Epitaphios” for some performances with free entry

The performances of the works of Yiannis SoldierosAthena Panagouli, epitaphContinuation at THEATRO PRAXI EPTA, from February 7th, every Wednesday, for some performances with free admission, under the direction of Kostis Kapelonis Mania Papadimitriouin the role of Athena Panagoulis.

The leading figure in the fight against dictatorship, O Alexandros Panagoulisthrough the memories of his mother Athena, who also comments on the most important events in recent Greek history.


Why are the questions still not answered?
Because the seven-year offense was considered temporary and not permanent.

Why are the days evil?

Why is the time of our lives ending?
Why do we all have unpaid bills with our past or that of our parents?

Why are the sounds and smells still not dead and sometimes sound very loud?

Who can pass on the information of the dark past to future generations?
Who will be able to lead the future towards the hope of a just society?
The wounds of an angry memory are still visible, bearing the marks of the moments of all the blows inflicted on the bodies and souls of the people who fought for freedom.


The performance was first staged in Athens in spring and autumn 2023 as part of the theater festival of monologues “MY SON…” at VAULT Polyhous.


Author: Giannis Soldieros
Director: Kostis Kapelonis
Music and songs (lyrics by Al. Panagoulis): Stavros Siolas
Set – costumes: Elli Lidorikioti
In the role of Athena Panagouli: Mania Papadimitriou
Lighting design: Kostis Kapelonis
Video: Elli Lidorikioti, Kostis Kapelonis
Photos: kzk52 & Vasilios Galoutzis
Performance poster: Christos Skyllakos
Trailer: kzk52 & E.Delido
Performance program: Capricorn Publications
Contact: Angelika Kapsampeli

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