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“Awaken The Dreamer” – A tribute to Warrel Dane

The residents of Jerusalem (our country’s metal community) are aware of the special relationship that existed between Warrel Dane and his fans in our country. There was always something special about his many performances, both with Sanctuary and Nevermore and as solo performances, and a few written words are probably not enough to express how much we miss his music and performances.

In connection with what was said above again (the 3The in order) the O Bigus dickusare organizing a concert to pay their own homage to his great work by teaming up with great musicians from the Greek scene, with the practical support of Nevermore’s Greek fan club. Neon dreamer.

A few days before the live broadcast (on Saturday, January 1st).The April, at Remedy), the participating musicians and participants of this evening are invited to each choose a few words about their favorite song by the great Warrel Dane and tell us.

Constantin Maris (Forbidden Seed, I Abyssick, Atrocity Pioneer)

“The Reason Assassin”

Constantine Maris

I don’t think it’s my favorite in that sense, it could never be just one, but it’s definitely the first. I could never have imagined that a guitar (solo) could sound like that, let alone that a voice in a “ballad” track could sound so creepy, mysterious and haunting at the same time. The memory stuck in my head forever.

Jon Voyager (Need)


Jon Voyager

It’s extremely difficult to choose just one favorite Warrel signature song, but first I thought my mind would wander to “The Learning.” It embodies many things of his personality (lyrics, lyricism, forward-thinking and insightful), but also musically contains all the elements that I love about Nevermore’s music and Dane’s voice. Simply epic.

Nikos Giorgakis (aka Nick Crimstein) (Slough Of Despair)

“The Black Mirror”

Nikos Giorgakis

A song that makes you want to discover everything from the first notes. Lyrics that immediately make you think that this song was written specifically for you (something Warrel Dane could and did in every song he wrote). Dark, heavy and full of anger at the fears that haunt us.

Stefanos I. Zafeiropoulos (False Coda, Forbidden Seed, TruEnd)


Stefanos I. Zafeiropoulos

There is nothing more difficult than deciding on a single piece of Dane. I say “Insignificant” because of the melody, the lyricism and the meaningful lyrics.

Konstantinos Tzalalis (The Departed Project, Urizen – B. Dickinson tribute)


Konstantinos Tzalalis

Trying to choose a favorite song that Dane has performed throughout his career as a musician, especially when each of your records is almost a masterpiece, is almost what we call in English “an impossible task.” If I had to choose one with a gun to my temple, it would probably be the monumental “The Learning” from “Politics of Ecstasy”… magic, power, expressiveness, interpretation with dynamic and diverse timbres… reflection on a future that is both near and far, but always uncertain and dystopian… incredible track, ideal conclusion to a fantastic record that has left its own mark on the hard sound. Yes, “The Learning” is a gray, futuristic, dystopian thriller captured in notes and songs…

Ilias Giotitsas (vocals on Sevengill’s first album)


Ilias Giotitsas

The ambiguity of the title (“deconstruction” and “further analysis”) coupled with the anti-religious anger that the text radiates captured my interest from the first moment. Warrel’s performance is consistently first class and extremely exciting. Well, he didn’t actually want to…

Panagiotis “Parthos” Papageorgiou (The Knights of Palermo, THSL)

“What Tomorrow Knows”

Panagiotis Parthos Papageorgiou

My favorite Warrel Dane song is “What Tomorrow Knows” because it brought me into his world and Nevermore. Rhythmic, heavy, unnecessary, with highly atmospheric leads and Warrel Dane’s theatricality at the peak of his inexhaustible vocal range.

Panagiotis Gatsopoulos (Bigus Dickus, Scar of the Sun, Disharmony)

“Learning” / “Sentient 6”

Panagiotis Gatsopoulos

It’s just not possible to choose just one Nevermore song. I could say, perhaps two pieces that lyrically share a theme that I find extremely interesting: artificial intelligence and the philosophical implications of what a machine is and when it acquires this consciousness. I’m of course talking about “The Learning” and “Sentient 6”, although the first part will not be played at the event. Next time this mistake needs to be corrected!

Nikos Vlaseros (Neon Dreamers Nevermore fan club, co-organizer)

“In memory”

Nikos Vlaseros

I have many favorite Warrel Dane moments, but perhaps the most vivid in my memory is one evening when we were sitting on the beach after a Nevermore concert with the band and fans and he told me to go to their hotel. On the balcony of his room he spread the entire minibar between us and I told him song titles and he told me the stories behind them and what the lyrics meant to him. These pieces also include my favorite piece, “In Memory,” which I lost my voice singing a few hours ago. When we lost him, that title took on a different meaning. Wally, always in our hearts.

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