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“Away from the children”: The show comes to an end

Last performances until March 31st.

Giorgis Tsouri’s latest work, Away from Children, ends its run after two sold-out years and consecutive renewals on the central stage of the Ilisia Theater on March 31st.

The AWAY FROM CHILDREN project, together with 170 SQUARE BOXES and THE PAPER WAR, forms the conclusion of the dramatic trilogy “Patriki estia – Family”. From a trilogy by the theater organization MA NON TROPPO by Giorgis Tsouris and Valias Papakonstantinou, who this year completes his ten-year engagement with modern Greek drama. The project is led by Giorgos Paloumbis.

In this third project Comedy, drama and mystery, intertwine anew and tell a story full of twists and turns that pushes the characters to their limits. A story about the simple, everyday man who, on a critical day, is called upon to reconcile his adult self and the child he has left defenseless behind.

A few words about the project:

After a traumatic loss, Tasos and his wife Olga leave their old apartment and move into their new home. As they try to adapt to the new reality, the disagreements and merciless conflicts between them intensify and the lies that drive them apart deepen, while they also find Tasos’ eccentric mother at their home for a few days accommodate. A cousin and an interior designer complete the characters in this unexpected but very familiar story, where nothing is as it first seems. The past “hides” shocking secrets and revelations follow each other, like a painful confirmation that one must “bleed” to get to the truth.

Locked doors are broken open. They will open forever. But wherever you run, whatever path you take, it brings you back to your childhood room…

Author: Giorgis Tsouris
Director: Giorgos Paloumpis
Dramatic editing: Valia Papakonstantinou – Phoivos Rimenas
Deputy Director: Giorgis Tsouris
Music editing / video installation: Giorgis Tsouris
Scenery: Areti Moustakas
Costumes: Royal Wire
Movement: Valia Papakonstantinou
Lighting design: Seminar Papalexandropoulou
Photos: Andreas Papakonstantinou
Communication and public relations: Olga Pavlatou

Actors: Giorgis Tsouris, Eleana Kafkala, Stavros Markalas, Konstantinos Elmazioglou. Christina Tsafou in the role of Alice.

The information
Every Friday and Saturday at 9:00 p.m. and Sunday at 6:00 p.m
Advance sales at the theater box office, Tel. 2107210045, and Here

Ilisia Theater
4 Papadiamantopoulou, Ilisia, Athens
Tel: 2107210045

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