Be the first to read an excerpt from Kostas Krommidas' new book - Wishevoke

Be the first to read an excerpt from Kostas Krommidas’ new book

This time Kostas Krommidas signs a book different from his previous ones and full of sensations. It deals with a topic intertwined with the history of Greece from ancient times to the present. By placing wine and viticulture within the framework of his story, he writes a contemporary novel centered on a love that defies all odds and a long-standing enmity that extends its tentacles into everyone’s life.

In Wine from Your Lips, published by Dioptra Publications, the award-winning author tells us about a love that blossoms amid the intoxicating charm of wine and winemaking because “the Love is like a wave. It overcomes obstacles and drags everything in its path. It’s like good wine. It requires balance, is full-bodied, aromatic and sometimes spicy.” Aris and Clairi are caught up in its vortex, defying their families’ rivalry, becoming closer and falling madly in love. The paths others have planned for them will confront them with distance and loneliness. But something that blooms with so much effort never dies so easily.

Read first Here Excerpt from the book.

“Wine from Your Lips”: A young love thrives in the madness of emotions and youth against a family feud. An insatiable hatred that has been cultivated for years and leaves its mark from generation to generation meets desires and needs. Relationships tested, blood ties shattered. Mysteries and events affecting the present. The past has spread its roots deep into consciousness and action, just as the vine spreads its roots into fertile soil. But there are two things that intoxicate people and radically change their lives: love and wine…

A few words about the author

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Kostas Krommidas started writing in 2011 and since then 12 of his books have been published. Akakie’s books and Trojan Horse were named Best Novels of the Year in 2021 and 2022, respectively, while Uranoessa’s work was named Best Novel of the Year in the Heroine Inspiration category in 2017. All of his novels have been shortlisted for the Public Book Awards. He teaches writing courses (master class) and “public speaking”. He writes articles for websites, newspapers and magazines. Six of his books have been translated into English and are available on the Amazon platform. He is also a graduate of the National Theater. He has worked as an actor in theater, television and cinema.

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