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Big Anselmo gives advice to little Anselmo

In a recent interview for the Swedish, Mr Phil Anselmo The following was asked:

“If, after everything you’ve been through, you could go back in time to when your younger self dropped out of school to play rock ‘n’ roll, what would you say to him?”

“I would tell him, with the knowledge I have now, to avoid the alcohol! Stop drinking so much and take care of your body. Make sure you are strong. Watch your waistline, you don’t want to go through what you went through when you were hurt and made every stupid mistake in the drug bible. No bouquet. You don’t play music about women and drugs. You do it because you love music. I would definitely tell him that. Do it for the love of music and everything else will follow – or will it? Seize the chances and be a survivor! (Note: “Lifer”!)»

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