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Big Big Train have announced their new singer

The Big big move have announced their new singer and the line-up they will be performing with on their upcoming tours.

The great progressive rock figure, who experienced the loss of David Longdon last Novemberwho died in an accident, announced that o Alberto Bravin will take over the band’s vocals from now on.

Bravin, who has worked with the Italian progsters in the past PFM (Premiata Forneria Marconi) said he was excited about this collaboration and looked forward to both joining the band and honoring Longdon’s memory.

In return, the band’s founder, Greg Spawtoncommented that he and Nick D’Virgilio They were impressed by the singer and multi-instrumentalist’s abilities and, despite the fact that Longdon is irreplaceable, they wanted to find a singer who, with his personality and talent, could perfectly reproduce the pieces that Longdon had sung and help shape them to develop further.

As for the band’s upcoming performances, Big Big Train released the album in February “Welcome to the World”At their upcoming performances, in addition to Bravin, Spawton and D’Virgilio, their line-up will also include Dave Foster (guitars), Clare Lindley (violin/vocals), Oskar Holldorff (keyboards) and the brass section led by Dave Desmond.

It is recalled that Nick D’Virgilio, along with Neal Morse and Ross Jennings, released their debut in February. “Troika”.

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