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Bill Kelliher on Joe Satriani: “I’m bored with him!”

THE Bill Kelliher from mastodonIn an interview he referred to his game Joe Satriani but also his Steve Vai.

«The biggest mistake people make is overcomplicating their ideas. I always tell people that it’s best to think of something rhythmic and adapt it to your taste with small changes. That’s what matters in a piece, not how fast you can play.

Many musicians only know scales. For example, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai. They are great musicians, they play unimaginable, but when I saw Satriani live I was bored with him in the first two minutes! All it did was change the scale quickly. If you like this you’ll definitely think he’s a god, but all I could think about is that I want to hear a riff.

I cannot emphasize enough the need for rhythm. Depending on the feeling you want to convey, you can have a beat in mind and add the notes later. This way you can have 123 different riffs. It’s like painting. You start with the idea and add details to complete the project. In “Blood And Thunder” it is Fire Dailor He thought of the riff but couldn’t find it on the guitar, so he just whistled it to me.

When we started the band we said that we should create a lot of riffs and play with the notes, but now we let the beat guide us and that changes our music too.

I’ve never taken guitar lessons, so everything I hear on the guitar doesn’t sound bad to me. The rhythm is important, it doesn’t have to be playful.»

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