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Bruce Dickinson talks about his favorite singers

Since there are now only a few days left until the release “The Mandrake Project”The Bruce Dickinson talked about his favorite singers in a new interview he gave Songfacts and that Greg Prato.

When asked which singers he admired, whether from the younger generation or in general, he first named the deceased Chris CornellHe described his voice as one of the best, regardless of generation.

The deceased is also added Andre Matos from Angracharacteristically mentioned that these singers could achieve the best screams but also had the ability to move the audience with their voices.

Highlighting Cornell’s performance in “You know my name” from 2006’s Casino Royale, put it on par with another James Bond theme, the “Thunderball” from Tom Joneswith a literal statement “Imagine that voice singing metal or rock».

Iron Maiden’s frontman even glorified them Johnny Cash and of course him Ronnie James Diowith particular reference to its crystalline interpretation “Love is everything”from 1974’s The Butterfly Ball And The Grasshopper’s Feast.

In the end, he had no trouble deciding “Aces up” as the most demanding when it comes to live performances and, tellingly, states that even at the age of 26 he was still just as demanding.

Your last stop this year’s tour from Dickinson with the previous data will be Water Square and the Athens Festival Publicationon the day of Judas Priest and Accept.

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