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Burn Book: A Tech Love Story

He is one of the two people he says he detests, o Elon Muskbut who calls in the evening? Mark Zuckerberg to get advice from the first people to whom the Steve Jobs he confessed everything about his illness. In fact, no one knows the powerful stars of technology and space in general better than journalist Kara Swisher, one of America’s most powerful figures.

With almost 40 years of professional experience and already 60 years, she is the award-winning “Queen of all Media”, such as “Wall Street Journal“was one of the first to predict the terrible development of the Internet. In ‘Burn Book: A tech love story’, just published in America to great reaction, the acclaimed journalist reveals hot stories about Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Sam Altman and Mark Zuckerberg experienced it all firsthand.

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The interviews

Next to her, in her empty chair, all the powerful people from the tech world have sat down for interviews, knowing full well that they cannot exist in public without her consent. She searched in vain for her own approval Pile of sugar, while she was advised on her first steps by Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page. There are also rumors, which she mentions in her insightful book but does not deny, that Amazon tycoon and space conqueror Jeff Bezos fathered one of her children as a sperm donor.

What is certain is that if Kara Swisher wasn’t a journalist, she would have become a spy with her signature aerodynamic aviator sunglasses, which she wears in interviews, and her permanently cropped hair. Although many would certainly feel relieved without their sharp pen, the Silicon Valley Without her Vanity Fair stories, she wouldn’t have had the flavor or been as entertaining, and some scandals, like Musk’s Tesla car scandals, wouldn’t have come to light without her insightful reporting.

A regular contributor to the New York Times and Washington Post in the 1990s, Swisher quickly rose to prominence as one of the few journalists covering technology and the Internet, which was then just taking its first bold steps.

She then became known through her interviews not only with people from technology, but also with politicians, such as: Barack Obamabut also from her bold reason, which was never neglected, not even towards her close friends.

The unexpected party

Although Swisher admits that she was close friends with Google founders Sergey Prin and Larry Page, she has no problem revealing everything that shocked her about the “most eccentric” tech duo, citing various incidents. “One of the most unexpected scenes I found myself in, almost involuntarily, was when I found myself in front of a statue of a topless woman with no milk coming out of her breast, but plenty of drink white Russian!” She writes characteristically in her book.

“I was actually invited to the baby shower that Sergey Brin and his wife Anne Wojciiski organized in 2008 to mark the impending birth of their first child. But before you can even raise your glass to his chest statue to secure your favorite beverage, you’ve already been forced to notice the couple’s “baby” photos at the entrance, which simultaneously pose the question, “Do you prefer a diaper or a diaper?” Diaper?” had to answer. Typical blonde girls ask you that like it’s the most normal question in the world. Guests could choose to wear an oversized diaper with a fun pin or one-piece baby pajamas with a teddy bear. Of course I rejected it outright.

However, it wasn’t just these eccentricities that set the Google bosses apart, as the other person in the company, Larry Page, also, as Swisher reveals, roamed the streets of San Francisco with a collar around his neck that measured air pollution Yoga fanatic Sergey Brin, like so many in Silicon Valleyhe used to interrupt meetings to try another yoga pose, like dog!

What is certain is that this eccentricity also had positive aspects, as it led the founders of Google to convert an old garage into their first offices, because now everyone knows that Google is the most beautiful place to work in the world.

Their colorful offices with bicycles for employees and free oat bars and countless sweets apparently have something to do with the free spirit of the company founders – or so the reporter claims. “Although Google was a small company at the time, it managed to hire former Grateful Dead chef Charlie Ayers as an employee gift. “The food Charlie cooked was really great,” Swisher notes.

So if you ignore the eccentric and somewhat non-conformist spirit that still characterizes the bright children of Palo Alto today, it is certain that the founders of Google have changed everything about the way it works Internet. “Google made the right moves early on, launching a simple but bold brand with insightful functionality and sheer efficiency. “They had a ‘killer tool’ from the start,” Swisher concludes.

Jobs vs. Gates

The journalist and author of the book argues that few in Silicon Valley They had the intelligence, insight and ability of two powerful men and eternal enemies, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. The former in particular, as she admits, remains irreplaceable even so many years after his death, since no one has managed to become such a symbol and living legend as the powerful founder of Apple.

In a landmark meeting between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates since 2007, which she and her partner Walt had sought for years, the two eternal rivals agreed to grant a joint live interview for the first time, as they had “never met before had met against each other”. so they can analyze their extremely complex and competitive relationship.”

However, the journalist claims that deep down they felt a deep admiration for each other. However, the interview didn’t start well when Walt’s partner Jobs first asked if the Windows environment had contributed to the development of AppleHe replied that the only thing that was useful was that iTunes could work more easily there, and commented wryly that their contribution was “comparable to a glass of water in hell.” With this statement, the Apple boss essentially compared her boss Microsoft with Satan

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Kara Swisher in Steve Jobs’ only joint interview with Bill Gates

Shocked and angry, Gates has since responded with one word to the questions she and her partner asked him, and when Jobs spoke to him, he replied emphatically: “I can’t give an answer because I’m the boss in hell.” “

Then, in an unexpected move, Jobs She stood up and handed him the glass of water she was holding. She said, “Let me help you,” breaking the ice. Next comes the question, “What does no one know and falsely speculate about your relationship?”, with Jobs answering, “We are a secret gay couple and have been married for years,” providing the solution and ultimately helping to record the only thing in common and honest interview of the two powerful men.

The photo she shared back then went down in history and the next interview that Jobs granted to Swisher in 2010 had another surprise in store as he confided in her for the first time that he would like to launch a phone after the tablet with exactly the same possibilities: within a month the first one would be published iPhone.

Zuckerberg with the complexes

Unlike her boss Appleits founder and owner Facebook In her opinion, she doesn’t seem to have any personal charisma. Even the Facebook boss’s embarrassment and panic attacks when asked to speak in front of people don’t make him any more likeable – at least writes Swisher in her book. In addition, it accuses him of a continuous and blatant violation of personal data and, unlike Jobs, attributes to him the complete lack of an ethical personal code.

What is significant for her is an hour-long meeting in which she had to prepare a big live interview that Zuckerberg would grant her exclusively, in which, instead of the big topics she had to deal with at the time, she spoke about the Facebook, he himself did not stop telling her how angry he is with the director of the film “Social Network”. “I just couldn’t understand why he was so interested in a stupid movie and not in the real impact he could have on the world. ‘It’s OK to look like a strange, notorious person,’ I told him at the time, wanting to put his mind at ease before he arrived on location for our live interview.

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Interview with Mark Zuckerberg with several difficulties

Things have gotten worse since then Pile of sugar He kept raving about the film and was sweating profusely, causing the moisturizer he had applied to drip down his face and stain his sweatshirt. Having completely lost control, he couldn’t understand why a reporter insisted that he take it off. “With great difficulty we managed to convince him to take off his sweatshirt and calm down so that he would not be ridiculed in public,” the journalist concluded.

She was the one who advised him not to contact the film’s producers. She also believes that the film “Social Network” finally gave a much better picture of him Pile of sugar despite the black mark of the feud with the two brothers from whom she allegedly stole the idea for Facebook by artificially hiding the fact that the Facebook boss suffers from Julius Caesar Syndrome, at least as she ironically claims.

He also considers himself harmless in front of their other “demonic” forms Silicon Valley led by Elon Musk, who dared to show up at one of her meetings with a monkey with a gin and tonic (!) in his hand to show her that he doesn’t take her seriously. “None of these impressive children of technology have shown any signs of adulthood, nor has there been an adult in the room.” One thing is certain: as long as there are successful journalists like them, none of them will ever sleep peacefully.

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