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“Canaries have a wonderful voice”

Agrinio has many natural beauties and many sights to offer. However, the canaries sing in a way that speaks and awakens nostalgia in the hearts of locals – and not only. For those who don’t know, Kanarinia is the nickname (due to the distinctive yellow-blue color of the jersey) of the team that is synonymous with the city: Panaitolikos.

Since its inception, Panaitolikos played in the amateur and other categories for 45 years. And in 1974 he took advantage of the opportunity and moved to the coveted senior national team via Nea Smyrni. In the play-off game with Panionios, the “Canaries” achieve the desired result and the residents of Agrini, who came in the hope of witnessing the miracle, celebrate around the fountain in the central square.

This historical qualification, memories that move the older ones from the past years and the younger ones want to experience them for themselves, unfolds inside into a nostalgic journey into the distant and recent past of Agrinio with the “vehicle” of Panaitolikos from the pages of the book “Canaries have a wonderful voice”. This is the first literary work by Dimitris Rigogiannis, whose starting point is the historical barrage of Nea Smyrni. The book will be launched on December 13 at 7:00 p.m. in the hall of the Agrini Municipal Council at an event jointly organized by the municipality, Panaitolikos and “Gramma” Publications. Lawyer Katerina Kitsakis, sociologist Yiannis Vassiliou, Panaitolikos veteran and former Palaimachos president Vassilis Starakas will talk about Rigogiannis’ first literary venture, while the event will be moderated by PAE Panaitolikos journalist and press officer Christos Stoumpos.

The book
“It was May 23, 2009… Christoforos and his troops set out from Agrinio, the city where they live, to watch a crucial Panaitolikos play-off match in Athens. As he waits, he remembers the time when he was a kid and worried about sneaking into the stadium… He remembers his brother scaring the fans with his horn, like the water cannon soaked the dry pitch… He remembers the promotion to the First National in 1975 and the celebrations at the fountain in the central square… He remembers the pain he felt from the teacher visas, the Homeric fights with the rival school… The book is full of Alans of the city, the coveted bike rides, the slums and the tobacco fields, the Agios Christopheros, the park, the GEA field, the cinemas, the Halkounia and the customs of Good Friday.. .It’s full of images that illuminate childhood friendships and teenage loves, in familiar and familiar places. Images that come to life through the stories the hero lives and that effortlessly highlight the post-colonial era, but also highlight the inseparable relationship and interaction of the Pan-Atlantic with the city. As a child grows up and becomes a father, stories emerge to describe relationships and situations and negotiate feelings and decisions… They express fears and dreams…

The writer

Dimitris Rigogiannis was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1965 and grew up in Agrinio, where he lives with his wife and their child. He is a graduate of TEFAA Athens and the School of Management and Economics of ATEI Messolonghi. He holds a master’s degree in “History, Sociology and Anthropology of Sport” from EAP. He worked in primary and secondary schools for over thirty years, during all of these years he was a trainer, working primarily with children. He has worked as a principal in the primary schools of Agrinio and has been working as an educational consultant PE 11 – Physical Education for the prefectures of Aetolo-Akarnania and Lefkada since 2023. He is the author of scientific textbooks and articles in scientific journals. Writing has been his personal outlet for years, and now he is officially making his debut in literature with the book The Canaries Have a Wonderful Voice.

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