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“Cheers and Farewell” by Athol Fugard

Athol Fugard’s powerful social drama “Cheers and Goodbye”, directed by Kostas Vasardanis, will be performed at the Fournos Theater from March 7, 2024 and for a few performances. The two roles are played by Kostas Vasardanis and Vicky Kalpaka.


After years of absence, 35-year-old Esther Schmidt returns to her ancestral home in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, to claim her share of the family fortune. There she meets her brother Johnny and in one night the entire traumatic past of both faces unfolds, leading to an equally hopeless present.


Athol Fugard is South Africa’s most important living English-language writer and received, among other things, the Tony Award for Lifetime Achievement in 2011. He is known for his political commitment against the apartheid regime. The film “Tsotsi,” directed by Gavin Hood and based on his own book, won the 2006 Oscar for Foreign Language Films.


“Cheers and Goodbye” is a deeply human and moving work. Although the time and place of the story (1960s in South Africa) are clearly defined, the author, with his penetrating gaze, ultimately manages to speak much more comprehensively about man, about the love and at the same time the enmity between his members, a family, and the thwarted wishes , the unhealed wounds.

Director’s note

“Cheers and Goodbye” is a chamber piece for two actors. A work of relationships, written with great skill, underground humor and a sense of suspense.
A work with the obvious existence of the “fourth wall”. But the interesting thing is that in this very realistic writing there are cracks of a more poetic dimension of the characters and their story: the characters talk to each other for most of the work, but in cleverly chosen moments the “Fourth” occurs. When the wall comes down, this almost naturalistic, dialogic writing style is interrupted and in its place is a more condensed, Beckettian tone, one might say monological writing style. This double choice of the author (which illuminates in more detail the main themes of the play, social inequalities, traumatic family relationships and memories, loneliness and the deep personal impasse of the two characters) therefore requires an equally complex acting and directing approach.

Translation: Alexis Riglis
Director: Kostas Vasardanis
Scenes: Natasha Papastergiou
Costumes: Kostas Vasardanis, Vicky Kalpaka
Music: Makis Papagavriel
Lighting: Vassilis Klotsotiras
Assistant director: Dafni Kafetzi
Assistant to the set designer: Marianthi Radou
Photos, trailers, show teasers: Giorgos Danopoulos, Roussos Ktistakis
Production: ViDa Group

Kostas Vasardanis, Vicky Kalpaka

The performance is carried out with a grant from the Ministry of Culture

Fourno’s Theater
Mavromichalis 168
Tel. 21 06460748

Show days and times:

From March 7th to April 26th, 2024
Every Thursday and Friday at 9 p.m

Pre sales:
– At the theater box office

– more.com

14 euros – regular
12 euros – student

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