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“Cheetah. The Goalkeeper’s Wild” with Giorgos Ninios

The author of the greatest hits Vasilis Katsikonouris (“Milk”, “Kangaroo”) presents his new monologue “Cheetah. The Goalkeeper’s Wilderness” with him George Nino from October 8th in the Stathmos Theater.

Tsitach, an experienced and experienced goalkeeper for the Greek national team, opens up about his long journey during which he was invited by a school to speak to children about the value of competition and sporting ideals. On the occasion of World Sports Day, he recounts events and experiences from his life and career, slowly unraveling the tangled web of his existence, from fame, wealth and the limelight to nothingness and marginality. Acclaimed Cypriot actress and director Ermina Kyriazi and respected actor Giorgos Ninios together tell a story full of humor and emotion, whose main themes are male loneliness and frustration, but also a deep sense of dignity as a compass and the ultimate victory despite defeat and decay.


Director: Ermina Kyriazi – Giorgos Ninios

Interpretation: Giorgos Ninios
Music lyrics: Giorgos Ninios

Set design: Ermina Kyriazi

Puppet making: Vassilis Vassilakis
Lighting design: Vassilis Peteinaris

Assistant director and puppeteer: Georgia Manelidou

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