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Citizens bought books to help flood victims

After the difficult situation that many have experienced Flood victims in Thessalycomes a movement of humanity to give a little respite to the problems they face.

As announced by Dioptra Publications A few days ago, the income they made over three days from their online shop was donated to those affected by the floods. In addition, the publisher donated books when necessary and collected essential items within the company.

In a new post on social media, Konstantinos Papadopoulos, the editor of Dioptra, wrote:

“I am Konstantinos Papadopoulos, the editor of Dioptra. What you are reading was written with my partners.

The bitterness we feel about the events in Thessaly is enormous. For those who were lost, for those of our fellow human beings who experience absolute emptiness the day after the catastrophe. A catastrophe that will be felt by all of Greece for many years to come. As Dioptra Publications, we have organized a campaign with you to raise money that will be used for the benefit of those whose lives disappeared in a matter of hours.

Their reaction was – once again – touching and the purchases made in our e-shop in these three days reached an amount of €15,623. In our announcement we said that we would deduct VAT and the cost of printing the books from this amount, but we have decided that we all need to do a little more now. Instead of deducting the amount, we add the amount and ultimately assign it to €20,000, making the books you buy even more valuable. Our work is not yet finished: from now on we will carefully check where the 20,000 euros will be used. We are preparing to meet the needs of area schools and will get a better picture in the coming weeks.

We will continue to update you on the progress of everyone’s donations, here and on our blog.
It is a great honor that you have enabled us to raise this amount and that you trust us. Thank you is little. Unfortunately, I am forced to repeat things that I wrote when we carried out the campaign for the victims of the Evia fire, and I shudder to think that I will find myself in the same position again in the years to come. Yet there is hope everywhere. Mainly in each and every one of us. Fly high, look away.

And above all, loving.
Dioptra publications”

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