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“Corsage”: The story of Empress Elisabeth of Austria won at the London Film Festival

The Empress’s Story Elizabeth of Austria once again captured the hearts of the audience and won the award for the best Movie at the London Film Festival, according to the Guardian.

“Corsage”, directed by her Marie Kreutzer (Marie Kreutzer) “observes” Elisabeth, played by Vicky Krieps, shortly before she turns 40 in 1877. A beautiful woman who is suffocated by the conventions of the Habsburg royal court and resorts to desperate revolutionary movements.

Corsage – Official Trailer |  HD |  IFC Films

According to the festival’s jury, chaired by producer Tanya Seghatchian, the film is “masterfully made” and offers a “poignant and original interpretation of the life of the Austrian Empress Elisabeth.” And he adds: “The judges were captivated by Cripps’ exquisite performance as a woman trapped in her image and longing for liberation.”
Marie Kreutzer dedicated the award to all the actors who took part in the film. “The cool thing about my job is working with so many great creatives and artists and creating something together day after day without knowing how it will turn out.” said the Austrian director.

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