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Creator of the documentary series “Traces in the Dark”

Twenty-two (22) mysterious disappearances of people, minors and adults that occurred in Greece from the 80s to the present.

This is a unique written document that reveals unknown aspects of disappeared people. In this book you will find secret information and data, new evidence, in-depth research into the strangest and darkest cases of people whose traces were lost completely suddenly, from the point of view of a private detective but also with the help of scientists such as criminologists, sociologists , psychologists etc.


For the first time in Greece, an attempt is being made to create a detailed record of this disappearance, which probably few know, few remember, but some have never forgotten.


Haris Veramon is a private detective with studies in investigative and forensic psychology. At the same time, he has been working as a voice actor for thirteen years and has lent his voice to various cartoon characters in both series and films.


In 2020, he created the first Greek true crime series titled “Tracks in the Dark” to be shown on YouTube. It is a series of documentaries with dramatized episodes in which the tangle of unsolved, mainly criminal cases is uncovered. His book The most mysterious disappearance in Greece is his second writing venture while his first book titled Alalum, Stories only for Madmen was published by The Anonymous Book Publications in 2014.

He is a Scorpio, mysterious and a puzzle seeker.

ISBN: 978-618-215-138-9
Price: 17.70 including VAT

Pages: 352

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