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“DA” returns to Athens for just 15 performances

After huge success in Athens and Thessaloniki, Irish author Hugh Leonard’s award-winning play Da returns to the Ilisia Theater in April 2024 for just 15 performances.

Grigoris Valtinos plays the eponymous lead role, which the audience loved. With him are Michalis Oikonomou, Giorgos Souxes, Georgia Kallergi, Konstantina Klapsinou, Lampros Constanteas and Vassilis Papadimitriou. In the role of mother Tamilla Kulieva.

The Irish author’s autobiographical work is set in 1968 Ireland, with many flashbacks brought to life on stage a unique story about love, tenderness, self-knowledge and emotions any kind. Charlie Tynan, an expatriate writer in London, returns home after the death of his father. In his father’s house, his parents, his young self, his childhood sweethearts, special moments, events and some people from his past who have shaped his life and influence him in his present come “alive”. “Da” (from the English daddy – father) is the most influential person in his life.

With a cinematic elliptical narrativeParts of a recognizable family life are recreated. Dreams, conflicts, disappointments and joys come to the author’s mind and create “scenes” on the stage. The imaginary combines with the real and what emerges is a theatrical festival of colors, a powerful puzzle of contrasting moments, a stage universe in which human screams alternate with whispers and laughter with tears.

In Hugh Leonard’s masterfully structured writing Kindness and love It is the ever-burning beacon that illuminates the manifold darknesses of our hearts and minds. Yesterday Today Tomorrow. As long as there are people on this planet called Earth, the existence of each one of us will lead us on the path to a better life, to a better tomorrow.

“DA” she did premiere In 1973 it was performed in the USA in Owney, Maryland and later transferred to Broadway, where it played for almost two years and won four theater awards in 1978 (Drama Desk Award for Best New Play, New York Theater Critics Award for Best Play ). , Outer Critics Award for Best New York Play and Tony Award for Best Play).

It was performed for the first time in Greece in the 1979/1980 theater season with Manos Katrakis in the lead role and directed by Takis Mouzenidis, with great success.

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