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“Dad the War” by Iakovos Campanellis at the Olvio Theater

From November 18th every Saturday and Sunday at 9:00 p.m. in the Olvio TheaterThe theater group “Ptochalazones” presents the comedy “Dad the War” by Iakovos Campanellis, directed by Kostas Papakonstantinou and staged by “Xanthias” AMKE, every Saturday and Sunday at 9 p.m. at the Olvio Theater from November 18th.

The play of Iakovos Campanelli’s “Dad the War” was written in its first form in 1952, but was fortunate not to be performed by the Art Theater until 1979. It is a multi-faceted comedy based on the historical event of the siege of Rhodes by Demetrius the Besieger in 305 BC. and with which Campanelli satirizes contemporary morals and passions.

Papa the War © Nikos Vardakastanis

He says: “The impetus that led to the comedy ‘Daddy the War’, which at first glance seemed unsuitable for a comedy, was the tension of the Cold War, which followed the great expectations.” The hope that the war, which lasted a few years had previously ended, was the last, seemed to be childish naivety. Even then the situation was dark and threatening. The allies were tainted by the evil they fought and became both its victors and successors.”

Summary of the project

A few years after the death of Alexander the Great, his successors fight for world domination.

Rhodes, which proclaims strict neutrality, has turned into a safe tourist paradise. Public buildings and temples were converted into shops while the government was replaced by the Supreme Hotel Council.

When the war moves to the sea, the Rhodians, fearing that Demetrius the Besieger’s Macedonians will sail against them, send their best cook and the most beautiful girl on the island to dissuade him. But Dimitrios falls in love with Rhodes and decides to conquer it. The tourists leave, Demetrius’ army lands on the island, and when a waiter throws a plate at them, the Macedonians, for example, burn down all the shops on the beach.

Papa the War © Nikos Vardakastanis

The people of Rhodes then take up arms, initially with cutlery, and fight.
The father of history, the war has begun and everything will change. The Rhodians imitate the Macedonians, become excellent warriors and win.
Dimitrios is distracted by the beauty and joys of life and loses.

Rhodes would continue to become rich, but now through another, more profitable business, the war industry.
“Father of all wars”, Heraclitus

Team note

When we began organizing this production, we were stunned by the sad and threatening news of Russia’s intervention in Ukraine. A few weeks before our premiere, we are eagerly watching what happens again in Palestine. We firmly view theater as a forum for social and political dialogue through art and expect to effectively advocate for values ​​and concepts that shape consciousness through Iakovos Campanelli’s sharp comedy Dad the War.

In war, concepts such as democracy and freedom are destroyed. Big ideas for economic and military empire create crises for the weak and opportunities for the strong. The thirst for profit and the thirst for power are sides of the same coin and can be presented as something different.

Campanellis weaves a world full of alliances, conflicts, passions, frustrations and expectations on stage. A world not far from reality, not far from the desolation and tragedy of life itself, of war itself. In the epilogue of the play, imbued with irony, reconciliation occurs, hoping for a peaceful tomorrow that recognizes the value of human life respected.


Director: Kostas Papakonstantinou
Kinesiology: Ilias Hatzigeorgiou
Scenery: Vicky Panziou
Costumes: Matina Megla
Music: Vassilis Koutsilieris
Lighting design: Giorgos Agiannitis
Assistant director: Valia Tzitzikakis
Photos: Nikos Vardakastanis
Contact: Evangelia Skrompola
Graphic editing: Black Goats
Production: “Xanthias” AMKE

Actors: Elissaios Vlachos, Chara Dimitriadis, Aggeliki Marinou, Dimitra Mitropoulou, Marianna Dirou, Dimosthenis Xylardistos, Giorgos Sirmas, Dimitris Tsigrimanis


Performances: from November 18th every Saturday and Sunday at 9:00 p.m
General admission: 15 euros.
Student, group (group of more than 10 people): 12 euros.
Unemployed, disabled: 8 euros
Defects SEH: Free
Pre sales: more.com

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