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Daron Malakian vs. Serj Tankian

In his last interview, the guitarist said System of a down, Daron Malakianpointed to him Serj Tankianas responsible for the band not releasing a new album since “Mezmerize” and “Hypnotize” (2005).

“JThere is a specific way the system goes about creating an album. Some of us can join in. But there is also someone – ss refers to Serj Tankian – who wants to create in his own way. I have material ready for a new record. If it were up to me, the systems would never be shut down».

When asked how his artistic differences with Tankian could be resolved, the guitarist said:

«They may never be resolved. They may be solved, but we have been stagnating for many, many years. I used to take everything more personally. I have stopped. I realized it had nothing to do with me. We had so many meetings… I don’t want to put all the blame on Serj. He is my friend and I care about him very much. I just don’t know what to do to change his mind».


«Tankian was never really a fan of rock and heavy metal. I don’t think we share the same love for this music. I grew up with their posters Hunter and from kiss hangs on my wall. Serj didn’t grow up like that. He was never a die-hard fan, so I feel like he had a different experience than me as the lead singer of a very successful band.».

And finally:

«To be completely honest, Serj didn’t even want to be a part of Mezmerize and Hypnotize.. We begged him to make these plates. From that point on he was already out..

In response to his former travel companion’s statement in his interview, Serj Tankian released a lengthy statement titled: “Knocked down confession system».


«I am solely responsible for the band’s waiver of the discography for the following reasons:

1. The artistic part: I always had the feeling that doing the same thing with the same people leads to an artistic dead endand that applies even in a dynamic band like System…

2. Equality: At the beginning there was creative and financial equality. Then Daron became a centralist

3. During “Mezmerize”/“Hypnotize” I was passively and creatively blocked. I wanted to leave the band for the two reasons mentioned above…».

Continue reading Here the entire announcement by Serj Tankian.

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