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“Dog on the street” in the Sphinx music scene!

What serious reason does it bring Maria Bekatorou in the Sphinx music scene? Why did her adored schnauzer Mardo veto her getting together?

The well-known art and cultural group “Skylos sto Dromo”, which organizes concerts throughout Greece to support the homeless, chose Thursday April 4th and the International Day of the Homeless to present its self-titled and most popular CD journalist and presenter of the Greek television, holding until the end the reins of the celebration that concerns every animal lover and every active citizen.

The record “Dog on the Road” is released by Reload with the artist Ioanna Emmanuel and its investments Gerasimos Andreatosher Regina Apostolakou and you Athens Conservatory Youth Choir.
The lyrics are by Giola Argyropoulou, the group’s source of inspiration, while the compositions are by Giorgos Konstantinidis and Ioanna Emmanouil, the former also signing the orchestration of the tracks.

The songs heard at the above-mentioned event by the participants of the album refer to tender, sometimes bitter and sometimes happily ending stories of strays or dogs in animal shelters. Stories of animals and, in some cases, the people who mistreated or rescued them.

In addition, the artists will also perform hits by well-known artists with related themes and songs in this great celebration dedicated to life on the street but also to volunteer heroes.

They take part as guests and each perform the piece they wrote for the day Janet Capuya which will also bring her works – portraits of dogs, in the area of ​​the Sphinx and the Ascension Tzo Anto (Jo Antonakaki) accompanied by Elli Petsiou.

If you miss it, we will miss it!

Reserve a table in time and come and sing a celebration of love together, from the person to his best friends in life, who need it every day of the year!

Small greetings are delivered by well-known personalities and volunteers in their own way, such as the Deputy Governor of Piraeus, Ms. Stavroula Antonakou, the Olympic medalist and world champion, Mimis Domazos and his daughter and local councilor Popi Domazou from the Mimi Domazou Academy, who training young animal-loving footballers, Tatiana Papamoschou, co-founder of Gaidourochora and member of the Skylos sto Dromo team, psychologist Tina Konstadatou, journalist Eleni Iliopoulou from the animal-friendly online magazine zoosos.gr, veterinarian Christos Ktenas, whose name was created with tireless commitment to the animals affected in major disasters, as well as with representatives of Greece’s elite missionary group, with Sugar – a rescue dog who, apart from Greece, has been recognized and praised by all of Turkey for his contribution in finding survivors in the well-known earthquakes in the neighboring country, Representatives of Lara Guide School for the Blind, Help Horses of Ymittos, St. Francis Shelter, Animal Welfare Group of Porto Raftis, Mr. Sotiris Stamatelatos of Reload company, the manufacturer of wheelchairs for animals Mr. Vassilis Tzigouras of Plus2feet, representative of the company Hills, representative of the company Bio3net, which produces prostheses for animals, Mr. Nikolas Diamantaris from the manufacturing company Dogs and Cats Home and Friends of the group.

Thursday, April 4th
Start: 9 p.m

Sphinx music stage
Academy and Zoodochos Pigis
(Entrance Kiafa’s pedestrian zone 13)
Reservation telephone: 6987844845, 2114096149

Admission is free

Ticket sales: more.com

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