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Dolce Vita… made me and broke me

The most important encounters that touched him deeply, shaped him, defined him, served as orientation points in his life so far and guided his further steps I ridewhere he was born and raised, in the theaters of Athens, in the studios of popular television series and later in his great escape into nature and the hunt for self-knowledge is chronicled by Thanasis Efthimiadis in his new book entitled “Small Stories – Big Lessons”, which will be published by Key Books in a few days.

Great personalities, including Mikis TheodorakisThe Manos HadjidakisThe Alekos AlexandrakisThe Dimitris HornThe Stelios Kazantzidis, but also friends, monks and strangers he met on his travels around the world, events, successes, disappointments, life decisions, decisions and beliefs that the reader makes on the pages of this book, excerpts of which are pre-published by “THEME”. were today. Stations on the personal journey of the former Zen Prime Minister, who, having had enough of the golden age of private television with its waste, excesses and frills, felt the need to turn to a completely different, more frugal and natural way of life in order to put things in order to the beautiful family he created.

Dolce Book 2
“A few hours after the doctor confirmed that my wife was pregnant, the phone rang and they made me a very tempting offer. It was about a tragedy in Epidaurus and elsewhere, in a leading role that I dreamed of as a student. The premiere would take place around the same time as the doctor predicted my child would be born. I had to choose between the dream I had as an artist and the dream I had as a parent. It didn’t take much thought.”

“Throw away the scripts!”

As he naturally admits, luck played a crucial role in the development of his life story. Like back in 1995, when he came across the script for the first episodes of what turned out to be an extremely successful series “Dolce Vita”, which made him famous throughout Greece. And you can imagine that he didn’t initially want to audition for the lead role.

“Escape from fate is impossible” (no one can escape his fate) said our ancestors and they were absolutely right. Especially when I think about how negative I felt after my first date with the “Dolce Vita” authors. It was my first few years of work and I wanted to play classic theater roles and not comedies on television. At the appointment, the scriptwriters had told me that there would be an audition with many young actors to choose their protagonist and they gave me the first three episodes to read and understand more about the role of Antonis.

I came home and my girlfriend was waiting for me in fear. “What happened; how did the date go?” he asked me. “Let’s do it. “It’s better to forget it,” I answered her. “But why;” he kept asking me. “Because it’s a comedy and I don’t want to do a comedy. Because they want me to audition with dozens of other candidates. Because I am already booked in a dramatic work at the theater for the coming season and have a very demanding role that I would like to devote myself to.”

I left the photocopies of the scripts on the couch and went jogging on Filopappou Hill (which was next to my house) to put this pointless appointment out of my mind. “Please throw the scripts in the trash!” I told her as I left the house. After a few hours I came back and found her on the sofa with the scripts in her hands. He had read it and, as if he had seen my future, said: “This role is for you. You will be Antonis Kaloudis. I listened to her and trusted her because she wasn’t a random girl, but one of the two or three great loves of my life.

This story didn’t have as happy an ending as we imagine. Maybe because he took on the role that opened many doors for him, brought him universal recognition, fame and money – he earned as much in one episode as he got for a whole season at the National Theater, he reveals – but because of him he lost the girl he loved so much, and experienced great success and great disappointment at the same time.

“I prepared very well, went to the audition, won the role, but a few months later (right at the premiere of the series) the girl left me.” “I had to leave to protect myself. “I didn’t feel safe with you when no one knew you, now that all of Greece knows you and the girls are chasing you, I’m going crazy,” he had told me. Great life lesson and despite all the pain I experienced back then, I am grateful.

He was right. The show was a huge success and the girls were after me, but I was mentally unwell because I had lost the person I loved.

This romantic disappointment was, in fact, the reason why he co-starred in the famous scene in which the hero he played, the young Antonis Kaloudis, dances a heavy zeibeki, devastated by the separation from his mature lover Christina Markatou with great naturalness and extremely convincing acting. played by Anna Panagiototopoulou.

For Thanasis EfthimiadisHowever, “Dolce Vita” was not only the most profitable series on Greek television, but also secured him a place among the most sought-after young protagonists of his generation, giving viewers of all times moments of abundant laughter and something that has been around for centuries, and something else that much More important than all of the above: “I believe it was an important help in unburdening the relationships of true love and romance between a great woman and a young man.” Until then, conservative Greek society only allowed men to do this. Any middle-aged man who threw a tantrum was praised, but when a woman over 40 had a relationship with a young man, she received only mocking and insulting comments, even ridicule on the street. Christina and Antonis’ true love was a peaceful revolution for the time. By then, men’s rights became women’s rights. And even the woman who lived in the most remote village in Greece could see this on her television.

From an episode of “Dolce Vita” he got what he got from the National Theater for a season, but because of it he lost the girl he loved: “The series was a huge success and the girls chased me, but I was mentally unwell .” because I lost the person I loved.”

Not in Epidaurus

However, the turning point in his life Today 57-year-old actorAs the personal stories in his new book reveal, fatherhood was. A role to which he consciously committed himself, drastically changing his priorities, his daily life, and finally leaving his previous habits and even his career behind.

“My daughters and my devotion to them have helped me curb my ego and ambition. I have received many blessings in my life from the moment I took the main role out of myself and took it on,” he confesses, and immediately afterwards explains: “The test that awaited me to decide what to do in my life should now be a priority, started with that.” in the first moment. A few hours after the doctor confirmed that my wife was pregnant with our first child, my phone rang with a very tempting job offer.

It was an ancient tragedy at the theater of Epidaurus and elsewhere, in a leading role that I had dreamed of since I was a student at drama school. The show’s premiere would take place around the same time the doctor predicted my child would be born. Taking on the responsibility of this theatrical role in such a performance would also require a large amount of my mental and physical energy. So I had to choose between the dream I had as an artist and the dream I had as a parent.

It didn’t take much thought. I already knew the part about fame and success and knew full well that it doesn’t lead to happiness. It was time for my biological clock to tell me to become a father. Good theater and television roles, but the role of a parent was the biggest challenge.

So I gave up the lavish life of lots of expenses and long hours of work and started a frugal life of few expenses and few hours of work. I began a conscious journey to get to know my children since they were in the womb. I was present at both births. I closely observed the development of her innate character and intervened as little as possible. I’d rather let them fall and bleed to experience something they’re drawn to than protect them with a safety ban but no experience.”

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