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Dream Theater Part III – Voices: The “voices” of the readers

After the excellent response to the first article “The seasons change and so do I.” And “The Auditions That Stunned Them All” We decided to implement an original thought we had at the beginning of this tribute.

We felt that many of the opinions we read, whether public or private, deserved to be heard more, and knowing full well the special relationship between Dream Theater and its fans, we decided to create something interactive , which puts your own opinions at the forefront and is worthwhile is one of them. In a few words;

Your voice is heard and your opinion counts here.

Our goal is to exchange opinions. We await your emails at chrisATrockingDOTgr (where “AT” is “@” and “DOT” is “.”) to Monday, May 9, 2011 and time 11:00 o’clock. The best entries will be published, with possible comments or replies from us below.

We ask that you send texts that are as well structured as possible and avoid bad expressions or insults so that we do not end up in the unpleasant position of rejecting a very interesting opinion because of bad texts. This happens because we ourselves do not want to intervene in the texts and make even the slightest correction. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

To simplify the process, we have prepared some questions specifically for you, as shown below, and each participant can postpone one or more (if possible all).

After May 9, 2011, the discussion will continue in a special thread created in the site’s forum. Thank you very much.

Questions for readers

Topic one: Jordan Rudess’ post
This particular topic was more or less developed by us first part of the article. Of great importance, however, is your own opinion and how you as a listener, whether fanatic or not, judge Jordan Rudess’ contribution to the recent Dream Theater albums – both general (as a whole) and specific (by album). We would like to draw your attention to his work with Liquid Tension Experiment, the Rudess Morgenstein Project, as well as his personal releases (particularly “Rhythm Of Time” with Terry Bozzio). Do you think Jordan Rudess could be the hidden ace Dream Theater has synthetically up its sleeve?

Problem two: Was the criticism of Derek Sherinian unfair?
This question is pretty clear. But be careful… at this point it would be very interesting to read an analysis of the different style and musical approach of each Dream Theater keyboardist and a more general comparison between them (Kevin Moore, Derek Sherinian, Jordan Rudess). Just to give a little hint, this question has been asked over the years to many musicians we have spoken to and asked for their opinion (Derek Sherinian, Vitalij Kuprij, Jens Johansson, Theodore Ziras, Daniele Liverani, Alex Argento, Richard Andersson ). et al.), as it is a topic that has concerned us.

Topic three: The special relationship Neal Morse – Mike Portnoy
What do you think of this strange relationship of love and respect between Neal Morse and Mike Portnoy? It makes sense to play a record with him, let alone two… even three. But how do you explain the fact that whenever Neal Morse says he’s ready to tell us a new story (which is quite often), the big Mike travels all the way to Nashville and shows up first without a second thought ? He doesn’t make any money, he doesn’t get any publicity, he doesn’t get a chance to have a say in the compositions he likes so much, and he doesn’t owe Neal Morse any favors because he has supported him a few times. The relationship between the two is definitely strange and special. It started many years ago, with Transatlantic, when Mike Portnoy was going through his 70s prog phase, had short hair, drank a lot and was high. It continues to the present day when Mike is going through his metal phase, he’s covered in tattoos, he doesn’t drink, he’s sober but more explosive than before. And yet Neal always seems to accept him as he is, without judgment or criticism, smiling and good-natured.

Topic Four: Do you think Roadrunner Records had a hand in Mike Portnoy’s departure?
Basically, only assumptions can be made here. Mike Portnoy suddenly showed discomfort. Did it have something to do with the reasons he gave, he honestly just felt tired and fed up after all these years, or was there something behind it… record company and management games that perhaps the band members also found enjoyable, did that you frustrate him to the limit and slowly but surely push him towards the exit?

Topic five: Who was ultimately more right in the whole matter and why? And who do you think will be the favorite in the long run?
The data was comprehensively presented and presented graphically first article that preceded him. What injustices are attributed to each side and what rights? What do you think Dream Theater has to gain and what to lose? Likewise for Mike Portnoy.

Topic Six: Do you agree with the final choice of drummer?
Is Mike Mangini finally what Dream Theater was looking for? Will he adequately fill Mike Portnoy’s void? Based on the analysis of the remaining candidates we have listed in second part Given the tribute and all the episodes the band released related to the auditions, do you think they should have chosen someone else and why?

Finally, we judge the text to be more complete and thorough reward with a Gift related to Dream Theater. This is none other than the collector’s box set of the band’s latest studio release, “Black Clouds And Silver Linings”, which includes both the 3 CD version, the double vinyl and more.

The competition is an offer from the music record store (www.musical.gr), Riga Feraio 127, Patra and Rocking.gr.

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