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Efi Birba – Aris Servetalis: “Heart of a Dog” by Mikhail Bulgakov is staged

After their first descent together with the amphibianThe Effie Birba And Aris Servetalis they return to Kivotos Theater in December 2023 with the iconic work of the Russian author Mikhail Bulgakov Dog’s heart.

Efi Birba tries a new one thoughtful reading and stages this wild, turbulent and comically surreal satire about human nature in her own haunting and dreamlike way Ari Servetali and that Antonis Miriagos. With them the Elektra NikolouzouThe Michalis TheofanousThe Hara Mata GiannatouThe Alexandra Kazazou And Spyros Desikos.

The game

“The Heart of a Dog” was written in 1925 but not published Soviet Union until 1987 due to censorship. It is a clever mix of satirical and philosophical literature that pushes the boundaries of science fiction and realism, touching on questions of nature and individual identity, and raising questions about the consequences of social pressure and science. His story revolves around the professor Preobrazhensky who, together with his assistant Dr BromendaleTry a daring medical experiment. A dead man’s pituitary gland and testicles are transplanted into a stray dog ​​named Sarik with the ambition to create a new model of humanity. The experiment does not have the expected outcome, because the dog Sarik gradually turns into a human farmer, destroying the peace of everyday life and endangering the social and scientific status of his creator.

Aris Servetalis and Efi Birba

The show

A cautionary tale about preserving our individuality, “Heart of a Dog” fits perfectly with the theme of the works that fascinate Effie Birba (Untitled, Don Quixote, Sosias, The Dream of Laughter, Frogs), That is, works that talk about very nuclear topics in twisted, special and unique ways.

The spirited artist approaches this Bulgakov work with her unique directorial eye, brilliantly highlighting the absurdity of, and exposing the dangers of, violently altering human nature to conform to a rigid ideal absolute compliance of people to social imperatives.

Armed with two actors who stand out for their intense physicality, Aris Servetalis and Antonis Miriagos, he prepares one poetic performance It illuminates modern man at his core and at the same time reminds us to always remain vigilant and protect our identity. Their valuable help is a strong acting ensemble: Electra Nikolouzou, Michalis Theofanous, Hara-Mata Giannatou, Alexandra Kazazou, Spyros Desikos.

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