Einfallende Neuhäusern are back with a new album - Wishevoke

Einfallende Neuhäusern are back with a new album

The New buildings collapsing They announced the successor to the outstanding one four years ago “All in all”.

German Industrial pioneers they will release the double album “Disasters” (aka “Alien Pop Music”) on April 5th.

The experimental outfit also unveiled a new single from the album.

It’s about the piece “Is is”that you can listen to Here.

Mastermind Blixa Cash explained about the record that it is thematically based on the idea that Einfallende Neuhäusern are in a parallel universe that is as famous as the Beatles are in ours!

1. How much longer?
2. Is Is
3. Pestalozzi
4. It could be
5. Before I go
6. This This
7. Eat better
8. Everything will be fine
9. The Pit of Language
10. Planet Umbra
11. Tar and Feathers
12. From the times
13. I don’t know (Not yet)
14. Trilobites
15. Fountain of Health

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