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Elias Logothetis (1939 – 2024): A theater and cinema worker who was not a snob

Is there a more fitting film debut for a real Lefkadian than the role of the Ionian police officer Fante? Babylonia 1970, the transmission of his work Dimitrios Byzantios– unique opportunity to highlight his rare acting and musical talent Elias Logothetis.

He had a long tenure at Art theater, which he entered literally overnight after passing the exams and without actually studying, because he recited two sonnets and left the committee speechless. He viewed his special home as a mother who gave birth to him and a stepmother who abandoned him, or, viewed another way, as she gave him freedom to go his own way (if he stayed there he would probably become a Kutcha ). , or sell Pagouri, as he had explained).

The studies in Pantheon They didn’t move him, and as paradoxical as it may seem, neither did the theater nor his three great loves, mathematics, romance and opera. The first two remained in his heart, the third became a rejection that he did not want to leave his mark on. He always considered the space that made him famous and served him for more than half a century as a lonely suffering, and with a tendency to hermitage, he managed to preserve the theatrical suffering so that it did not turn into indolence, which may have been the case lightness and triviality meant.

Ilias Logothetis may have often felt like a meteor in no man’s land, but in the final phase of his career he found the ideal refuge in the words, breaths and rhythms of Georgios Vizyinos.

He managed to perform on stage triumphantly and with such poise that one sometimes wondered whether he was really trying or whether it came naturally to him – it is understood that he worked for each role with effort and study and was a great believer in the Rehearsals and artistic fermentation was . A man with a God-given feel for the projects and characters he took on, he proved to be one of the least snobbish workers in the ever-changing landscape he traversed from the ’60s to the present day.

Elias Logothetis: A resident of the language of Vizyenos Facebook Twitter
Film poster “Babylonia” (1970). In the foreground you can see Ilias Logothetis in the role of the Ionian policeman Fante.

He admired the giants of the Greek theater and the ancient domestic cinema, and not only the obvious and outstanding ones, but also the Alekos Livaditishim Kouli Stoligahim Hatzichristos and that Burnelis. He managed to collaborate with most of them, honoring them, respecting them, admiring their technique and always remembering their practical and intellectual generosity. Even though he felt he wasn’t making enough or great cinema, he acted alongside him Thanasis Vengoin farces and farces, at Children of Helidonawhere he was honored for the second time at the Thessaloniki Festival, despite not believing in the substantial validity of the awards, for films by Perrakis, Indare, Boulmetis, Lykouresis and Panousopoulos Landscape in the fog And Stork meteor step his friend and “lonely creator” Theodore Angelopouloswith whom fate did not bring them to collaborate on the film that he did not have time to complete.

Elias Logothetis: A resident of the language of Vizyenos Facebook Twitter
In the landscape in the fog by Th. Angelopoulos

And although he has appeared in many series, he recently stole the show in his final cycle Another me As Sotiris Tsafoulias, he really left his mark on the theater, playing almost everything from ancient dramas and comedies to reviews and musicals. The penetrating blue gaze and the unforgettable pauses that breathed new life into the texts and gave fertile space for twists and explosions did not leave him unmoved. Harold Pinteras the Nobel Prize-winning author watched Spooner create “The Dead Zone” and congratulated him twice in the finale, wondering how, although “Mediterranean”, he managed to find the purely British type of chatty guest on an endless evening of drunkenness , supposed poetry and eternity emotionally captured deception.

Elias Logothetis: A resident of the language of Vizyenos Facebook Twitter
Ilias Logothetis, Maria Zahari in My Mother’s Sin

Perhaps Ilias Logothetis often felt like a meteor in one no mans landbut in the final phase of his career he found the ideal refuge in his words, his breath and his rhythm Georgiou Vizyinos. First Only from the life of the travelerthe wonderful film by Lakis Papastathi and especially in Sin of my mother, which was staged for several years under the direction of his wife, actress and director Maria Zaharis. He lived with Vizyinos and then with Kuhn, Pinter and Yannis Christou (their friendship connected him to the solid universe of numbers and the mystery of metaphysics) and found a station that fulfilled him, despite his reading and his incessant encounters with texts, translations , performances and poems.

The scientific and ethereal artist Ilias Logothetis died at the age of 84.

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