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Everything about Iron Maiden until 2022

Four years after their great last performance in Greece Iron Maiden return for a new performance at the Olympic Stadium in Athens!

Over the years here at Rocking.gr We gave you the feeling of their concerts in Greece and abroad, we criticized their recording efforts, we dared to put their great albums in order and also psychologically understand the fan collector.

That’s why we’ve put them all together in one article so you can learn about something you may not have known, re-read what happened at their concerts, reminisce about the old days and maybe enjoy reading their music up to can accompany you to the big concert of the summer.

Happy reading!

► The concerts in Greece and the performances of the last few years

2018: Terra Vibe, Malacca: Shock and awe on every level with great songs and top notch production

2014, Bulgaria: The revival of virgin England that we did not see in Greece

2011, Sonisphere Festival, Terra Vibe, Malacca: “Without Limits”, with hits from all eras

2008, Terra Vibe, Malacca: The revival of the 80s

2007, Hellinikon indoor basketball court: 90 minutes “Life and Death”

2005, Terra Vibe, Malacca: The tour for the first four albums

► The history of the band

Iron Maiden


► The Discography Guide

► The poll: The best Iron Maiden songs since 2000

► The last CD

► What is a Maiden fan and the collector’s holy grail?

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