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After millions of sales, more than enough hits, tours and headlining appearances at major European festivals, the editor are rightly considered one of the most important and successful bands of recent years. The Greek audience “embraced” them from the first moment and both sides (band and fans) remained loyal to this relationship, which is now twelve years old and still exists with the same passion today.

Since their formation in 2002 until today, the Editors have changed their musical style a lot. Initially they were compared to their close contemporaries Interpol and the creators of a whole scene, Joy Division. At times they were reminiscent of U2, a completely normal fact due to the giganticization of their name in some European countries, while they themselves declared that they were mainly influenced by REM, Springsteen and also Mogwai.


In 2012, guitarist Chris Urbanowicz split from the rest of the band, leaving only undisputed leader Tom Smith. Both his distinct stage presence and his vocal abilities (4.75 octaves and number one on the relevant charts in the UK, behind Robert Plant and Freddie Mercury) make Smith one of the most interesting frontmen in the alternative world scene.

In the coming months we will be working a lot with the Editors again, as their new, sixth album “Violence” will soon be released in the summer, specifically on 23rd June will be found again in our country as part of it Eject Festival. This time they will share the stage with the giant Nick Cave and the promising Wolf Alice as we await further announcements later this day. Until we get to his “Today”, we have decided to collect articles written over the years on Rocking.gr so that you can get a global overview of the band or remember your previous experiences on the subject.

► Marching orders: Live in Greece


Since the beginning of their careers, editors have included our country in their tours and almost always accompany their visits with excellent performances. It started in Rockwave Festival 2006 together with Franz Ferdinand and The Dandy Warhols. Even though I didn’t attend this particular festival, I would venture to assume that our text did the British an injustice. Proving the saying to be true, the editors impressed with their performance Ejection in 2009while the Rocking.gr correspondent reports that the audience who saw her in 2006 was even more satisfied.

In 2010 the time finally came for his own performances the sold-out evenings at Fuzz and Principal They demonstrated both the upward trend of the British and the Greek public’s great love for them. The following year They returned to Rockwave, this time as a headliner at the usual high level. In the Ejection from ’14 appeared under Kasabian but didn’t seem to mind. They have once again convinced and proven that they are able to react under all conditions. Just as successful as the previous evenings, this one at Gazi Music Hall and solo dancer in winter 2015 and the audience once again left satisfied. How could it be any different? Six months later, the Editors are finally headlining at the Eject Festival 2016 Saving the lot as indicated by our editor.

There are many performances by the British in our country. The Greek audience continues to support them and so the organizer never misses an opportunity to integrate them into their concert program. However, the editorial team usually comes to us with new material, as will be the case this year Eject on June 23rd.

► All Sparks: Publisher discography


The only Editors album missing from Rocking.gr’s record review archive is their impressive debut The Back Room, and to fill this important gap, the author promises to return with one “Flashback” on the subject of this special CD.

The “An end has a beginning” The following album continued the band’s impressive success story without surpassing its predecessor. The “In this light and this evening” The year 2009 was primarily characterized by the change in the band’s musical direction. “Better different than getting stuck in fucking repetition.” The editor of Rocking.gr wrote very correctly. A combination of commercial activities and excellent quality “The Weight of Love” which followed the Brits’ last album to date “In a dream” The musical direction is clearly electronic and more experimental than ever.

On March 9th, the Editors return with their new album “Violence” and until its release you can get a little taste of it with the current video clip “Magazine”.

► Someone says: The interviews


Backstage at Terra Vibe in 2011 while Cake played “I Will Survive,” Yiannis Kotzias was chatting with Edward Lay (drums) and Chris Urbanowicz (guitars, ex-member). They mentioned, among other things, their love of electronic music, performing in small venues, and their dislike of the Internet.

A few years later the bass player Russell Leetch spoke to us for good and bad reviews, Arsenal and the reciprocal relationship with the Greek public.

2018 will be a year where the editors are back in the headlines and so it all seems like an opportune time to catch up with the British band members again.

► Magazine: Article by the editorial team


Very often you read about editors on Rocking.gr. Logical, because the British visit us at every opportunity and you have also shown great interest in the texts that concern them.

We tried with great effort to distinguish ourselves Ten of our many favorite songs by them and incorporate them into an article while we dared to place them into a list of Bands that will be considered “classic” in the future.

In 2015 we meet them in our list The best albums of the year while the band members impressed us again in a completely different way after their performance in September 2016 Refugee camp in Philippiada, Preveza Prefecture.

► An end has a beginning: Epilogue

This ends the historical review of the texts about the editors of Rocking.gr. But the band’s story certainly doesn’t end there, as the Brits will keep us busy in the coming months. We will be ready and tell you all about their next steps, both in concert and in recording.


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