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Exceptional this Saturday with THEME, Bessis Livanou’s novel “One life is not enough”

Bessi Livanou, an author who stands out for the originality of her themes, the penetrating spirit of human psychology but also the sensitivity in telling the stories she creates, deals with a very particular theme in “One Life is Not Enough”: the personality of the ladder.

Exceptional this Saturday with THEME, Bessis Livanou's novel “One life is not enough”

As Livanou characteristically writes, “The leader is me and you and the person next to you.” He is the stranger we met and the friend we never met. His return to the place where he was born is ultimately also our return.” This return to earlier phases of life is somewhat reminiscent of Friedrich Nietzsche’s “Eternal Return” – except that in the novel “One Life Is Not Enough” the events are simply, are clear – and that is precisely why they are exciting.


Because Bessi Livanou plays with the idea that the leader is fundamentally nothing special. It’s just that the world, everyone else around him, thinks he’s charismatic, that’s why they call him “leader.” However, he simply goes about and lives, gaining experiences and following the path that random decisions set out for him.

According to Bessi Livanou, “the leader’s loves and passions, his struggles and conquests, the brilliance and accolades, the laughter and the tears, his mistakes and his pain are all his – but at the same time, ours too.” This sentence is sibylline, because the game in the book “One life is not enough” begins as soon as the leader – and together with the reader – senses the big secrets: the leader’s passion for two women, but also a revolver that is lurking there , to proclaim his own irrevocable righteousness.

Exceptionally, this Saturday the amazing book by Bessis Livanou “One life is not enough” is in the THEME.

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